Multilingual Typesetting Services

My Language Connection has access to graphic and design teams that have expertise in working with foreign language typesetting.

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Multilingual Typesetting

Reformatting documents and graphics into other languages can be technically challenging and can overburden your staff when going from English into five, ten or more languages, or vice versa. What fits in text boxes in InDesign or Illustrator files in English, may not fit in when written in German or Japanese. Hyphenation rules change, pages sizes will differ, and images may become irrelevant.

Furthermore, DTP translation can be notoriously difficult in foreign languages due to incompatibility between software and foreign fonts, especially when the typesetting needs to be rendered in languages that do not use Roman characters, such as Arabic, or Asian languages.

My Language Connection has access to graphics and design teams who have the expertise to rearrange visual components and layout requirements, give advice on the equivalent fonts in Chinese, and make sure texts in Arabic flow smoothly from right to left, as well as ensuring that all special characters have been transferred correctly.

If you would like more information on the multilingual typesetting services that we provide, call us or send us your document for a quote by clicking here.

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