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Client Overview

ACF Equity Research is an independent investment research company specialising in the highest specification independent equity research for corporate clients, which is then distributed globally and is free to investors.

ACF delivers premium independent corporate sponsored equity research characterised by its accuracy, clarity and foresight based upon a fundamental valuation approach. ACF was set up to improve the effectiveness of capital markets for smaller and mid-sized companies.

The majority of jobs are created by smaller companies not global companies. If we can help improve companies use of capital markets more projects will be completed, more jobs created, more global GDP grown, which in turn helps create more resources for education, leading to equality and opportunity for those who are still oppressed by ignorance and poverty.

ACF Equity Research Values

At ACF we understand that investor accessibility and demographics are important factors on how a company’s story is told and perceived. Sometimes language barriers and cultural differences can miss the nuanced vocabulary and can lead to lack in contextual knowledge and misperception. In order to immediately offer this service to our clients, we have partnered with My Language Connection to overcome those language barriers that are important to reaching new investors.

Christopher Nicholson Managing Director and Head of Research

Requirements & Challenges

ACF writes and distributes research globally, which is why accurate clear effective translations are so important to improve investor reach and inspire confidence in investors.

Investment research is continually evolving and ACF are constantly looking at ways to add value for their global clients and investor readers. English may well be the Universal language, but rightly, people want information in their native language.

There’s been a noticeable rise in demand for multilingual or translated research notes, arguably coinciding with the increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, the nuances of investment research require a quality-driven, human approach to ensure the integrity of the research is maintained.

Why partner with MLC for language services?

Christopher Nicolson, Managing Director and Head of Research at ACF, recognised that using AI translations have the potential to build mistaken confidence in the reader when making something as critical as an investment decision.

Leaving the reader with the impression they can understand and make significant decisions on the basis of poor-quality translations or lacking contextual knowledge is dangerous.

Translating for technical industries is complex. Machine Translation offers a fraction of the capabilities of the human brain and is simply not capable of capturing contextual and cultural nuances. Only native, human translators with the right level of experience in technical, financial translations can truly provide accuracy and guarantee quality.

As an ISO-accredited company, MLC offer a range of technical language services with a quality-driven approach, which aligns with ACF’s emphasis on accuracy, clarity, and foresight when delivering best-in-class global equity research. This partnership allows ACF to immediately offer accurate, high quality multilingual research notes as part of its services to its clients and their investors.