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Client Overview

Since launching the world’s first tractor-mounted hedge cutter in the 1940s, McConnel has become a global leader in the agricultural machinery industry.

With a proud history of being a multi-award winning company, McConnel offers a comprehensive range of Power Arms, rotary and flail mowers, and cultivation machinery, with over 100 different models and thousands of build options to cater to diverse customer needs.

McConnel’s reputation for excellence has spread worldwide; as a result, its machines are now being used in over 40 different countries, including China, Canada, New Guinea, and New Zealand. With satisfied customers across the globe, McConnel continues to be at the forefront of the agricultural machinery industry, setting the benchmark for quality, innovation, and technology.

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Requirements & Challenges

MLC has been a language partner of McConnel for the past few years, primarily helping them export their comprehensive range of Power Arms to new markets.  McConnel required translation services to make their operating manuals available in multiple languages for their international customers. In addition to translations, high-level proofreading was provided as part of our quality assurance process.

The main challenge was to provide accurate translations, which contained technical terminology specific to the agriculture and machinery industry. The translations had to be precise and consistent across different languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Slovenian, and Lithuanian. This has been an ongoing endeavour, with a substantial volume of content and a total of 79,000 words translated so far.

Our Solution

MLC assigned a team of linguists who were carefully selected based on their expertise and experience in the agriculture industry, ensuring that they could accurately translate the complex technical terminology used in the manuals.

By additionally building and implementing translation memory into the process, this allowed for the creation of a database of previously translated content. This helped maintain consistency and streamline the translation process for future updates or revisions of the existing translated documents.

The quick turnarounds and successful completion of these projects has strengthened the long-standing partnership between MLC and McConnel and demonstrated MLC’s ability to provide high-quality language services for businesses in technical industries.