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My Language Connection offers reliable and high-quality transcription services.

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Transcription Services

Transcription is putting in a written format speeches that are live or recorded. Transcription-translation is converting an oral English form into another language’s written form.

As a language service provider, My Language Connection offers transcription services into the language of your choice, regardless of how complex or specialised your multilingual transcription project might be. Alternatively, we can simply produce a written transcription in the language provided according to your specifications. We provide a full range of transcription services, from audiovisual media, DVDs, eLearning and Internet videos or audio files.

My Language Connection provides uncompromising quality and highly accurate transcriptions. We provide transcription services in a bilingual file that is time-coded for ease of use, and we also deliver the files in the format you require. We work with you and your requirements every step of the way.

If you would like more information on the transcription translation services that we provide, call us or send us your document for a quote by clicking here.

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