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At My Language Connection, we share a passion for languages. We are a comprehensive language provider that has customised solutions in mind; we offer tailored services that makes it easy for business to thrive across borders and cultures.

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The Purpose of Translation

We believe that translation is just the first step in your language project. Our passion is providing professionals just like you with an outstanding service – we make the time to speak with you, regularly checking in to understand exactly what you need, so we can help you achieve success in your target marketplace.

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Building Relationships

Maintaining a close relationship with you ensures that we understand your changing business needs, which directly influence the effectiveness of your translated material. We are always looking for ways to improve on the services that we offer so that you’re always provided with the best possible value.

We value our relationship with you, which is why 95% of our other clients keep coming back to us. See what some of our clients have said about us and our work by clicking the button below!

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My Language Connection 2021
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