Environmental Policy


Casting an eye to the future, it’s important for every company to consider its environmental impact both to operate responsibly and as a means to keep costs down which, in turn, allows us to keep our prices at a competitive level. To that end, we have inaugurated our first Environmental Policy which you can take a look at here.

Environmental Policy

My Language Connection (MLC) is a language service consultancy that primarily serves technical industry players with translation, localisation and interpreting needs. Based in Glasgow, we count on a network of over 250 linguists across the globe who operate on a freelance basis.



This policy applies to all direct employees of MLC and covers activities at our registered offices in Glasgow, Scotland. Due to the long-distance, agentic nature of our work, this policy does not have jurisdiction over our freelance contributors and shall not apply to them in a mandatory way.


Policy Statement

MLC prides itself on being people-led and forward thinking in how we operate and this includes our impact on the environment. We acknowledge the role each individual plays in preserving the planet for future generations and it is important to us that we as an organisation and as individuals within that organisation uphold that ethos and minimise our environmental impact in a responsible and ethical manner. We do this through identifying all significant environmental impacts and putting processes into place to prevent, reduce and mitigate them in an innovative and practical manner.


Environmental Aims

MLC complies with all relevant UK environmental laws and legislation. In relation to specific environmental aims:

  • Energy and Carbon: MLC has office procedures in place to acknowledge and reduce our energy usage and incumbent carbon emissions. These include and are not limited to: turning off lights and heating when the office is empty, making energy-conscious choices when purchasing new equipment and putting monitoring systems in place to ensure general compliance as the organisation grows.
  • Water: MLC will research possible means of cutting back overall water usage in the office through means such as cistern blocks.
  • Travel: The MLC offices are accessible by public transport and we encourage its usage or simply walking to all staff members, where possible.
  • Engagement and education: MLC will draft and utilise email signatures which encourage environmentally-friendly thinking in terms of printing. We will also continue to foster awareness and engage in new initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Waste management: MLC follows the waste hierarchy to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Recover where practically possible.


This Policy was drafted by the Translation Project Manager on 10th April 2019 and agreed by the Managing Director on DATE. The Policy will be reviewed annually by the Managing Director and the Senior Management Team unless otherwise described or delegated.


Victoria Nicol

Managing Director

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