High-Quality Japanese Translation Services

My Language Connection (MLC) provides you with high-quality translations delivered by trained and experienced translators. We help you communicate with the native speakers of the language using high-quality Japanese translation services. If Japanese is the target language of your next marketing campaign, partnering with us is a decision you want to make.

We bring years of experience working with several Japanese and international brands, proven track records of many meeting clients’ expectations, and our linguistic expertise of the language to the table, helping you translate Japanese documents with accuracy and precision.

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Getting Professional Japanese Translations

Japanese is the official spoken language in Japan. It is also spoken sparsely in neighbouring countries and in other parts of the world where you find Japanese people.

For native English speakers and other nationals, Japanese can be one of the most difficult languages to learn.

Professional Japanese translation services consider the innate and inseparable relationship between the Japanese language and the rich Japanese culture of etiquette, respect, and apology. There is a long intertwined relationship between the Japanese language and the people’s ways of life. Quality and accurate Japanese translations must pay attention to these unique characteristics in order to successfully communicate with the target audience.

At MLC, we provide organisations like yours with expert linguistic services, including accurate translations, certified translations, transcreation and localisation services, and several other language solutions so they can scale their businesses overseas. We understand that international trade thrives on quality communication, and in the case of translation services (such as English to Japanese or Japanese to English), you want to work with a translation agency known for high-quality professional translation services.

This is why our team of Japanese translators is made up of Certified Japanese translators, skilled in the cultural nuances of the language and capable of helping you communicate with the local audience in their native language. Japanese writing shares some similarities with the Chinese language. When observed closely, you’ll discover that some Chinese characters are also used in the Japanese language. It takes a qualified and experienced translation company to recognise these differences and render the best translation work for your unique needs.

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Our Professional Japanese Translation Services


  • Japanese technical translations
  • Japanese legal translations
  • Automobile and electronic translations
  • Japanese medical translations
  • Japanese website translations and localisation
  • Japanese mobile app and game localisation
  • Japanese product description translation
  • Customer support translation in Japanese
  • Japanese news articles and entertainment
  • Japanese travel listings and guides
  • Japanese documents translation service
  • Translations for individual or personal service

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What You May Not Know About the Japanese Language

Japanese is the official spoken language in Japan. It is also spoken sparsely in neighbouring countries and in other parts of the world where you find the Japanese people.

For native English speakers and other nationals, Japanese can be one of the most difficult languages to learn.

  • Japanese shares very few similarities with Korean and uses Latin script, which is typically reserved for imported acronyms and the like.
  • Japanese is the official and main language in Japan and is spoken by roughly 127 million people.
  • Unlike English, which is closely tied to Romance and Germanic languages, Japanese is not closely related to other major languages
  • In Japan, the Japanese language is locally known as ‘Nihongo’. The country itself is called ‘Nippon’ or Nihon’. The outside world calls it Japan.
  • The Japanese language uses 4 distinct writing systems: Chinee characters called Kanji, Japanese alphabets Hiragana and Katakana, and Latin writing system, known as Romaji.
  • Japanese is the 9th most-spoken language worldwide, but it is the third-largest language on the internet, behind English and Spanish.


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English to Japanese Translation Services You Can Trust

Whether you’re translating from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English, MLC offers you not only accurate translations but also the best English to Japanese translation service. We take quality translation seriously, which is why our Japanese translation projects are handled only by professional Japanese translators.

Translation Services
Japanese to English translation projects can be quite tricky because the two languages are different in several ways. Although Japanese shares many syntactic features with English, both languages differ in phonics and writing systems. To ensure you get accurate Japanese translations, you want to work with the most experienced translators.

Another important fact to keep in mind when looking for a professional Japanese translation company is your target audience. The Japanese language is highly steeped in culture. As you might have noticed, the Japanese culture is heavily focused on etiquette, manners, and respect. By and large, a word-to-word translation from English to Japanese might come off as rude or outright informal. This is just one of several ways in which Japanese translations differ from English translations.

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Japanese Regions and Sub-dialects

Japanese is spoken almost exclusively in Japan across each of the country’s 4 main islands: Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa. However, at different points in history, Japanese was also spoken across Taiwan and Korea, as well as in certain parts of Chine and the Philippines

Like other languages, there are other sub-dialects of the Japanese, which are spoken largely in Japanese communities. These dialects are mutually intelligible.

The two most distinct languages are the Tokyo and Kyoto–Osaka dialects. These differ in intonation, vocabulary, and cadence. Ryukyuan, which is spoken by the Ryukyuan people, who are native to the Okinawan archipelago, is considered by many Japanese speakers to be a dialect of Japanese. But the opinion of most linguists is that Ryukyuan is a different language on its own.

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Why Partner With My Language Connection?

MLC is the trusted translation partner of a wide array of companies in different industries, and we translate just about anything, at any time. Our singular mission is to be your voice in places you cannot reach due to language barriers.


We Use Best-in-Class Translation Technology

We offer you the best and most reliable translation services in the Middle East translation industry. Different companies worldwide have relied on one or more of our services to expand their national and global reach. A key contributor to our success and translation seed is the use of the best translation solutions on the market. 

Highest Quality and Professional Translations

We have a professional approach to every project we handle. Whether you are translating your website content to other languages or need to submit a certified translation at the immigration office, we’ve got you covered. Our aim is to help businesses reach further and retain their customers, as well as enable individuals needing translation services to conclude every legal, official, or personal translation with high-quality Arabic multilingual translation services.

Delivery On-Time, Every Time

At My Language Connection, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to meeting your deadlines. As a certified translation agency, we understand the importance of timely, accurate translations for our clients. Whether it's a business document, a legal contract, or a marketing campaign, we ensure that every project is delivered on schedule, without sacrificing quality.


Sector Expertise

Our versatile and efficient language services have received a 96% satisfaction rating from MLC customers, with 92% of clients returning after their first order.

We offer translation and transcreation services across a wide range of sectors, with linguists who have the relevant backgrounds, skills, and an in-depth understanding of these industries.

ISO-Certified Translation Agency

As an ISO 17100:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certified translation agency, My Language Connection ensures that all translations satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements and other necessary translation requirements for your industry while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Top-quality, Accurate Translations

Each word is translated based on the best translation standards and regulations. Every translator on our team understands our dedication to the highest quality standards. 

What We Do

Documents We Translate

We handle a wide variety of document translation services across different sectors, all of which are used for different purposes:

  • Medical documents translation
  • Legal documents
  • Financial documents
  • Business proposals
  • Automotive and aviation documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Certified translation service
  • Academic transcripts
  • Bank statements
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Divorce decrees
  • ID Documents
  • Marriage certificates
  • Construction service
  • Police clearance CRBs
  • Wills & testaments
  • Website certified translation
  • Brochures
  • Court documents
  • Contracts
  • Engineering documents
  • Government documents
  • Handbooks

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Other Languages we Translate to:

MLC translators are trained, and experienced experts versed in providing professional translations to different companies in the Japanese market. We have worked with small and big brands in Japan and other parts of the world, and we’ve always delivered the best quality.

If you need to translate documents into other languages besides Japanese, here are some other languages we translate to.

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Certified Japanese Translation Services

Sometimes, businesses need certified translation services to enter into legal contracts with their business partners in other countries. And in other cases, certified translations are mandatory documentation for important official transactions. This means that getting professional English to Japanese translations will not do the trick. We have helped different multinationals seeking to reach the Japanese market with simplified and authentic Japanese translations.

In case you’re locally based in Japan and looking to get your products or services out to other parts of the world where Japanee is not spoken, we are also here for you. We ensure that you have quality and authentic translations so that you can conduct your business with confidence. When you request certified translations from a company, it means that you can hold the company responsible for any misinterpretation or confusion arising from the translated documents.

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Why We Avoid Machine Translation

A professional translator understands the intricacies and unique demands of Japanese translations, especially the differences in the dialects. Depending on the region where your target market is located, using machine translations may defeat the aim of producing localised translations. Using a certified human translator who is skilled in Japanese translations is quite different. The translated documents are better localised for local speakers than when machine translation technology is used.

Machine translation basically involves using artificial intelligence and translation memory to translate the texts. Whether you’re translating from English to Japanese or from Japanese to English, our professional Japanese translators are always ready to provide you with accurate translation services.

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