Translation Memory

My Language Connection uses translation memories to incorporate previous translations and ensure strict adherence to your business terminology.

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Translation Memory

A translation memory saves every translated sentence in a database. When translating any piece, a translation memory software will scan its database and look for any prior content similar or identical as the current content. Previously translated sentences will be reused, so any paragraphs that were the same would automatically be translated as they were in the past. Once the translation is approved as correct, it will be saved in the memory and used in the same manner for all future translations.

Translation memory is very effective when there are high levels of repetition in the content being translated. For example, if you have lots of business or technical content to be translated with similar or exact messaging, using translation memory will help improve the efficiency of the translation process. Other benefits of having a translation memory are that no sentences are translated twice and there’s a consistent use of your linguistic style and technical terminology which guarantees high-quality translations.

At My Language Connection, we will advise when it will be relevant for your translation project to create and use a translation memory for increased productivity and reduced translation costs. If you would like more information on the translation memory services that we provide, call us or send us your document for a quote by clicking here.

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