Multilingual Voice-Over Service

Language isn’t just about words—it’s about connection, understanding, and empathy. With our voiceover translation services, we bring your message to life in over 120 languages. Our team of multilingual voiceover artists is ready to help your content resonate across borders.

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Multilingual Voice-Over Recording

We take pride in being more than just a translation and transcription agency: our flawless online voiceover service reflects our tech-savvy language services. Whether it’s an advert that you want to broadcast across several different countries, a presentation to be localised for an international audience, a safety video that needs to be accessible to your clients around the world, or an e-learning program for an international workplace, we have a team of talented voice over recording artists to deliver, excellent multilingual voice overs.

Native Voice Artists
Our professional voice actors only translate into their mother tongue, with the right tone and perfect voice, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result for your script.

As an ISO-compliant business, we provide high-quality translations. ISO 17100:2015 provides requirements for the core processes, resources, and other aspects necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that meets applicable specifications

Quick Response
We get back to you with a quote within the same working day. A dedicated Account Manager assigned to you will answer your queries promptly.

Multilingual Voice-Over

If you’re looking to offer a completely localised experience to a local audience or introduce your product/service to a global audience, your best option for translation is using a quality voice-over service. For this, you’ll need reliable voice-over talents and also handle the production of the material. Whether you need voice-overs for movies, ads, presentations, training videos, video games, or various other services, our global team of native voice artists has the expertise to satisfy a diverse set of needs. Our aim is to help you communicate your message, exactly as you want it.

Custom Voice-Over

Since inception, we have helped countless marketers, producers, eLearning instructors, agencies, production houses, entertainment companies, tech firms, etc., to find the right talent for their various voice-over projects. At My Language Connection, we provide our clients with voice-over services, depending on the unique needs of your audience or business. Besides providing you with a friendly and professional service, we understand that every translation project has its unique sides. So our multilingual voiceovers typically take into account all the parameters that set your business apart from the competition.

Full Translation Service

My Language Connection provides the complete multilingual voice-over service and several other language solutions (such as language training, interpretation, and cultural competence) for all multilingual voice productions. We have worked on several projects, ranging from providing source content/source material, audio transcription, and language translation to voiceover recording, post audio content editing, and multimedia integration. Our large team of voice-over talents harnesses their multilingual skills for different niches, including ads, narration, character animation, corporate videos, and film.

MLC Trusted Workflow

We are an award winning agency trusted by the likes of Dexcom, COUCH Health, BBC and Random42 and Breheny Civil Engineering for our Voice-Over services.

You can trust MLC to oversee the entire voiceover project from beginning to end. If you simply need a high-quality audio recording, we can do this quickly and efficiently – many of our voiceover artists even have access to home studios to speed up the delivery.

When kicking off the project, we can supply a time-coded transcription and have it translated by one of our professional translators, if required. Our account managers will arrange for time-coded scripts to be transcreated and localised for the target language/target country, to ensure the content is on-brand for your target audience.

We take quality seriously. Where needed, we often seek agreement on everything from the pronunciation of brand names to project acronyms on multilingual projects.

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Need advice for your next project?

We cover a variety of voice over projects and specialist topics and languages. These include:

  • TV shows
  • Radio programmes
  • Corporate presentations
  • Voicemails
  • General translation services
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Commercials and advertisements
  • E-learning projects
  • Business and training projects
  • Videogame voice-overs
  • Movie trailers
  • Film dubbing
  • Narration and documentaries

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What Makes MLC Different?

  • Offer premier voiceovers in more than 150 languages.
  • Adhere to industry standards and processes.
  • Employ multilingual voiceover artists with years of experience.
  • Have been serving numerous industries over the years.
  • Can meet any deadline and maintain a quick response rate.
  • We are a full-service translation agency.
  • Customer Service is second to none.
  • Big on quality! 
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Localisation & Transcreation

Our creative translation services are tailored to preserve the meaning and emotion of your message, adapting it successfully to a different language and culture taking into consideration even the smallest subtleties.

Accuracy & Quality

Precision and time is of vital importance in any organisation. MLC always ensures the timely delivery of your translations and voice-over projects.

We conduct series of checks throughout the entire translation process ensuring the highest quality translations. All translated documents are proofread multiple times by professional, industry experienced translators before being delivered to you!

We connect businesses to global markets by providing premium voice-over, subtitling, translation and video localisation services.

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Your Video Content with Foreign Language Voice Overs

Localised marketing videos
You get to present your products/services to the world using the same visual content paired with audio content in the target language.

Social media videos
Translation helps you increase your organic reach, improve your engagement, and grow your customer base.

Also provide localised audio in the foreign language versions of your eLearning course content.

HSEQ training
Give your HR, legal, and IT units an assurance that HSEQ training is being delivered effectively to all your employees.

Accessibility compliance
Non-native speakers understand all content. It also meets the standards of the EU Web Accessibility Directive.

Let’s Start Your Multilingual Voiceover Translation Project Today

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