Certified Translation Services

Certified translations are vital for processing a variety of international business, including immigration applications, marriage, birth registration, academic applications, and several other kinds of documents.

My Language Connection offers you officially certified and legally recognised translations, delivered by professional and certified native translators. We offer top-quality certified document translations so that you can proceed with confidence for whatever purposes you need the certified translations for.

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Certified Translation Services in London and UK

Need a reliable translation service in the UK? Are you a UK brand looking to spread your tentacles in other countries, a UK-based person marrying in a different country, or have a business and need professional translations to communicate with business partners in other parts of the world, where the language is different?

If yes, then you need not just an official translation service, but the help of a translation services company capable of providing you with certified translations. When you obtain certified translations, it means that the translated documents have been certified as authentic by an official translation services agency/accredited translation agency and are officially recognised as accurate.

My Language Connection is an accredited UK-certified translation services agency; we provide our various clients with official documents translations in more than 250 different languages. We provide accurate official translations for such documents as birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal documents, medical records, academic certificates, personal documents, as well as non-English documents and notarial certificates, among many others.

At My Language Connection, our certified translation services are provided by native speakers and certified linguists. We work with a vast number of organisations, such as educational institutions, government offices, the notary public, the UK passport office, and several others, including organisations abroad. We understand that certified translations are often required for legal purposes, so we work only with in-house professional translators to guarantee the accuracy of every single translation. All certified translations are signed and sealed by a sworn translator.

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Why Work With Us?

Best Translation Software

At My Language Connection, we use best-in-class translation software that helps us deliver within very tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Compliant Translation Agency

As an ISO 17100 certified translation company, all our certified translation services satisfy all regulatory requirements and other necessary translation requirements for your industry while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Affordable Pricing

MLC offers you affordably-priced linguistic services. Contact us today to find out more about our pricing.

Quality Translations

Every translation is proofread at least twice to ensure accuracy. This allows us to ensure that our translation services meet acceptable standards and satisfy the needs of our clients.


Machine Translations

We use machine translation technology to ensure consistency, accuracy and speed up each translation process. Having worked with multiple brands over the years, we have built a robust translation memory of sentences, paragraphs, and text segments from previous translation projects.

Robust Industry Experience

MLC is truly an experienced language service provider in the UK, comprised of language experts specialised in document translation, transcription, and localisation in many languages. We are a team of professional linguists committed to your success.


We Are ISO-Certified

As an ISO-certified translation company, we offer top-notch and accurate translation services. This means that we follow standard procedures when working on any translation project. At My Language Translation, we ensure that every translation is notarised by a notary public.

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Languages that We Translate

While our team can cover over 250 different languages, here are the languages that we work on the most:


  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Hebrew
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • English

  • Thai
  • Estonian
  • Danish
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Italian
  • Swahili

What Documents Do We Translate?

My Language Connection translates a wide variety of documents. Here are some of the documents we translate:

  • Diploma and Transcript Translation
  • ID Documents, such as passport and driving license translations
  • Birth Certificates Translation
  • Marriage Certificates Translation
  • Divorce Certificate Translation
  • Medical Reports Translation
  • Financial Statement Translation
  • Police Record Translation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Legal Translation
  • Certified translations for official purposes in the UK and Abroad
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Home Office and FCO Notarised Translation

Whether you are a student, who needs to submit an official document to academic institutions or a lawyer who needs to communicate with clients in your UK home office or foreign country in a different language. Each translation work is carried out by a certified professional translator before it is proofread for possible errors and submitted.

However, notarised or certified translations are also required when a document is provided from a different country in a different language. Sometimes, when using a UK-certified translation abroad, you’ll need to obtain a type of legalisation from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is required. If you require an FCO apostille translation, you can rely on my Language Connection for the best service delivery.

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Certified Translation?

From when we receive your order to the point when we send you the final, proofread and reviewed copy, we ensure professional service delivery, keeping you within the loop. This allows you to keep track of our activities and progress on the project.

The time it takes from start to completion of a certified translation defers, depending on the complexity of the project. The word count of the original document is typically the major is determinant of the length of our translation services. Generally, we send our translations certified within a few days or a week.

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What is the Difference Between Notarised Translations and Certified Translation Services?

When translations are certified, it means that they have been translated correctly, and can be used for any legal purposes. Official documents required for special purposes are translated and certified to assure the recipient of the translated document that it is a true and accurate translation.

Notarised translations, on the other hand, are documents that have already been translated from one language (source language) into the target language (final audience language) and authenticated or notarised by a notary public. A notarised translation copy is legally certified to cater to any legal requirement.

Best-in-Class Legalised Translations

Legalised translations are the same as certified translations. They are basically documents translated from one language to another and authenticated with a seal showing that the documents are true and accurate. Whether you are translating a legal document or you need a certified translation service, you want to look out for the best-certified translation agency to ensure you get the best service.

Note that all translation companies are certified, and not all certified translation companies are capable of providing you with the best quality translations. This is where a certified translation service provider becomes important. Every certified translation can be published or delivered to the client as a digital version of the original document or printed out as hard copies, depending on your preference.

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What is the Cost of Certified Translation Services in the UK?

The cost of every translation project differs based on several reasons. Not all translation services offer the same pricing range. Generally, the cost of translation services depends on the word count of the document, the translation requirements, the cost of getting a notary public, the length of the entire process, and of course, it varies with the translation company itself. All certified documents are fit for official use.

At My language Connection, we start to process each translation request by sending you a free quote. Once you confirm that we should go-ahead to start the translation, itself. You may need to upload files to start the process. We are known for efficient service delivery in the UK translation industry.

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