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My Language Connection is the perfect partner for your digital health translation and language requirements. Specialists in the medical, life sciences, and healthcare industries, we’re an ISO 17100:2015 accredited translation agency with quality at our core.

When it comes to marrying healthcare and technology, we appreciate and understand the challenges and opportunities that come with engaging diverse communities and operating on a global scale. Our translation services break down any cultural or linguistic barriers to ensure your message is communicated properly across borders, no matter the application. From telemedicine, to Digital therapeutics (DTx) and mHealth, we’ve got you covered.

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Digital Healthcare Localisation Services

The development of digital health tools and applications is built on efficiency and accuracy to create an elevated user experience. When engaging international audiences, sometimes translation services alone are not enough to ensure that level of quality is maintained.

Specialist services like software localisation and transcreation ensure that nothing is lost in translation and your digital health solution can truly speak to your target audiences, building trust to ultimately improve and save more lives across the globe.

From user experience of mobile and wearables devices, to big data and IoT, there’s lots to consider – digital health localisation is a specialised, thorough process that takes everything into account and ensures you are fully compliant with international rules and local regulations when you take your product to market.

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Telehealth Translation & Interpretation Services

Technological advances and the impact of the pandemic have massively increased the provision of and demand for telehealth services in recent years. Just like healthcare providers, we recognise this evolution creates great opportunity to improve patient engagement while reducing costs.

Delivering quality care to patients remotely using a combination of videoconferencing, patient portals, store-and-forward models, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and mobile health (mHealth) is not without its challenges.

Once again, linguistic and cultural considerations must be addressed and overcome to make sure telemedicine services are accessible to all. Diversity and inclusion is paramount in patient care and engagement. We help healthcare providers serve diverse communities with high-quality, virtual medical care through our expert language services, including translation of websites and portals, electronic health records (EHRs), medical documentation, and remote, on-demand interpretation services.

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mHealth: Creating Multilingual Mobile Applications

In this digital age, we use mobile apps and devices for everything – and health is no exception. Mobile Health (mHealth) is here to stay but relies on a higher level of trust from end users and patients than with other, non-medical use cases. There can be no ambiguity when aiding in the diagnosis, treatment, support, and reporting in a medical context.

Making these applications available in multiple languages while maintaining high levels of quality control requires expert translation, interpretation, and high-level proofreading to respect cultural nuances and linguistic differences.

Mobile health organisations must ensure this is considered throughout all communications – not only in the in-app content but also in marketing materials and keyword localisation to drive discoverability and downloads.

We create lasting partnerships with mHealth companies so that quality is maintained with every application update. We’re here to support and facilitate your every expansion across borders.

Reach out to our head of partnerships to start designing your linguistic programme.

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We Translate All Kinds of Digital Health Documents & Applications

At My Language Connection, our services cover a variety of digital health-related translations ad specialist services. We have dedicated medical & healthcare translators to help deal with :

  • Mobile App Localisation
  • Transcreation
  • Software localisation
  • Instructional/product manuals
  • All medical devices
  • Marketing content
  • Codes of conduct
  • Informed consent forms
  • Website translations
  • Patient portal translations
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Quality management system certificates
  • Telehealth translations
  • Medical device software localisation
  • On-demand, remote interpretation
  • Medical device translations
  • Clinical training materials
  • Technical documentation, and many more
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MLC is an ISO 17100:2015 accredited Translation Agency.

ISO 17100:2015 

We pride ourselves for providing 5 star customer service.

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Case Study

Dexcom is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. It operates internationally with headquarters in San Diego, USA but is expanding fast in all global territories.

Dexcom asked MLC to help deploy marketing and user manual documentation for a variety of territories in a bid to expedite their go-to-market timelines.

“We used MLC for their translation services and the response of the team was good. The turnaround time for our translation project and the quality of the translation was excellent. Overall, I would use them again and I would recommend them too.”

Anne Clinical Study Manager, Medeuronet

Our Solution

My Language Connection provided translation services and high-level proofreading. MLC supplied native language subject matter experts which increased the speed and accuracy in delivering translated documentation. The translated documents were marketing for medical devices which helped spread awareness of Dexcom’s products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The services My Language Connection provided supported Dexcom through their growth.

“MLC helped us to completely streamline our internal processes, speeding up our communications and increasing efficiency,  allowing us to get our first human patient to trials, in Europe, a lot faster than we had planned through their expedited translation service” 

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Dexcom is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management.

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COUCH Health

A company built around the challenges facing the industry, healthcare and public health.



medeuronet has a reputation for helping innovative medtech companies achieve liftoff in Europe.

Medical Market Regulations

In most countries it is a requirement that any patient information and labelling is translated. Regulations from the European Union specify translation as a requirement in order to market a product in a Member State. This applies to labelling, packaging, instructions for use, or any technical documentation. Clinical trials require translation in order for local clinicians and patients to be able to understand them. Regulatory approval submissions typically must be translated as well.

Expert Medical Translations

Translation for the life science field typically involves technical manuals, regulatory documentation, and software applications. When dealing with the translation of medical documents and files, we place vast importance on discipline of language and the understanding of all medical terminology. Customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare industries have come to rely on our team of subject-matter experts for even the most complex medical translation services.

Medical Document Translation

MLC delivers the best in medical document translation services. We translate medical documents and can cover over 200 languages. All of our medical translators have been trained in medical terminology so that all of our translations are guaranteed accurate. MLC helps to bridge the gap between medical professionals and non-English speakers. We are also and ISO 17100:2015 accredited translation business and are now regarded as a trusted provider to the medical industry.

Why Major Brands Trust Us

We Use the Best Translation Technology

To help ensure great quality medical translations as well as affordable long term relationships with our customers, we employ not only human talent but also make use of the latest technologies for medical device translation services. An essential feature in our process is the use of translation memory (TM). Familiar and repetitive medical terms are stored in our database to make native language translations faster and easier.


MLC is an ISO 17100:2015 accredited translation agency and a trusted provider of quality medical translations. Our translators specialise in medical, life sciences, and pharmaceutical translations. They are not just subject matter experts, but also native speakers with years of experience in translating a wide variety of documentation and packaging.

Working with a variety of companies, including large pharmaceutical companies and small medical device distributors, we bring expert knowledge, experience as well as quality service to language projects.

Affordable Services

While we are swift and pretty responsive to customer requests, we are also very aware of the ongoing cost of our services.

We do not offer cheap translation solutions, however, due to the use of technologies as well as a well oiled process for translating, we can offer savings for your business over the long term

We Deliver Accurate and Timely Translations, Always.

Whether you need a quick turnaround or want to go at a regular pace, our team of ready-to-go experts is always available to assist. Based on our experience working with different marketers and manufacturers in the industry, you can be sure of getting timely and best quality translation service from MLC.


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Preparing for Digital Health Translations

To produce the best work, we typically go through well-established business processes that allow us to produce high-quality deliverables without missing any details. The first important consideration is the target audience.

We focus on a people-first and patient-centric approach in all that we do. Working with human translators who are native-speaking, medical and healthcare experts who have lived experience of the matter at hand.

Our preparation involves creating a system that allows us to reuse the content when the need arises. This is where translation technology (TM) becomes important. For each digital health translation project, we update a database of medical terminologies, sentences, paragraphs, or segments of text that have been translated previously.

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