Professional Engineering Translation Services

The beauty of executing engineering projects in different geographical locations is in many ways connected to accurate interpretation of engineering documents and seamless communications. Engineering teams often collaborate with partners in other countries, and for work to continue as planned, all documents should ideally be available in the native language of all parties to avoid ambiguity and misunderstandings. This is where My Language Connection’s engineering translation services and technical translation services come in.

We help you bridge language barriers with accurate translations. We are an experienced team of highly qualified translators.

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Does Your Business Really Need Engineering Translation Services?

The truth is, the engineering industry has little or no room for errors; errors can be costly and at least time-wasting. It could lead to safety comprises, loss of jobs, or waste of resources. When the time comes, you want to be sure that you can communicate effectively with every collaborator without facing any language barrier. When your team in other localities can communicate in their native languages, it creates a stronger sense of cohesion, inclusion, and organisation within the team.

To help you bridge all language gaps in your business dealings, MLC provides you with top-quality multilingual engineering translation services. We rely on expert translation practices and our vast experience in the engineering sector to translate technical documents, technical specifications, maintenance manuals, safety equipment, engineering specifications, and other engineering documents while maintaining the highest quality.

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Lets Start Your Engineering Translation Project

We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text.
Simply fill out the quote form and we can get started for you.

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Why You Should Work With Us

We Use Translation Memories to Maintain Consistency

We have successfully executed many translation projects in many languages. Over time we have built a reliable database of words and industry-relevant terminologies that helps us maintain consistency in our translations. Translation memories help us ensure that words or phrases are translated consistently in exactly the same way every time. This means that you can trust us with your engineering translation project

We are an Experienced Translation Company

My Language Connection is a leading provider of global translation services, a team composed of expert linguists in many industries. We provide quality engineering translation services that cover major areas in the engineering sector.

We Use the Most Reliable Translation Technology

MLC is an ISO-certified professional service provider in the UK. In order to maintain quality translations, we use the best translation technology. This also helps us provide you with quick service in urgent situations.

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We Translate into More than 250 Languages

MLC translation and interpreting services cover over 250 languages. To ensure accurate translations, we only work with expert linguists versed in the industry and fluent in your target (audience) language.

We Offer Affordable Translations

Sometimes, we offer discounts to our customers based on their translation needs. Typically, technical translations do involve lots of repetitions, so where possible, we offer discounts that best suit your budget.

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We Translate Different Engineering Documents

Engineering services cover many fields, such as electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Having worked with many brands in different engineering fields, we know just how to handle various technical information when translating to other languages.

Our technical translation services cover the following documents:

Standard operating manuals, CAD drawings, maintenance manuals, technical specifications, quality assurance manuals, engineering training courses, website translation, technical patents, warning labels, testing specifications, technical documentation, user manuals, safety documentation, Product brochures and catalogues, process control documents, PLM reports, and many more.

We aim to help you reach as many international clients as possible with accurate technical translations in their native languages. This also includes translating the documents on translating your website into any target language.

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Engineering Translation Services You Can Trust

Here are the engineering translation services that we provide to our clients:

Mechanical Engineering Translations

My Language Connection provides high-quality mechanical engineering translations to engineering companies in the following areas:

  • Structural engineering
  • Engineering equipment and machinery manufacturing.
  • Thermodynamics
  • Material testing
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and many more.

Electrical Engineering Translations

Electrical engineering requires experts with the requisite technical knowledge to do justice to all technical documentation. To avoid costly errors, you want to work with engineering translators that understand the difference between ampere-hour and kilowatts. Considering that using the wrong terminology in the wrong place can cause serious problems, we only work with native speakers with a vast experience translating electrical engineering services.

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Civil Engineering Translation Services

We also offer professional translation services to civil engineers. Regardless of the geographic locations where your teams are positioned, we can help you maintain great communication with all of them. We’ve helped a lot of Chinese, Spanish, English clients, and other major companies to translate technical engineering materials from one language to another.

Chemical Engineering Translations

We take pride in the quality of our chemical engineering translation services, especially as we have built trust with many chemical engineering companies in the UK and other areas. Our engineering translators are versed in the industry’s terminology and can help you build a stronger corporate image while also reaching more customers.

Technical Translations

Our exposure in the engineering industry has helped us to gather significant experience, building a vast vocabulary of engineering terms, which helps us provide quality translations. MLC translates materials, such as datasheets, health and safety manuals, contracts, operations manuals, site induction manuals, toolbox talks, engineering quotes, project documentation, operating manuals, CAD drawings, quality assurance manuals, and several other documents.

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