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At My Language Connection, we share a passion for languages. We are a comprehensive language provider that has customised solutions in mind; we offer tailored services that makes it easy for business to thrive across borders and cultures.

Dubai office
Address: My Language Connection International,
Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE

+971 800 5221

Glasgow office
Address: My Language Connection
33 Dalintober Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G5 8JZ

+44 (0) 330 058 0251

London office
Address: My Language Connection
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

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What Documents Do We Translate?

My Language Connection translates a wide variety of documents. Here are some of the documents we translate:

• Diploma and Transcript Translation
• ID Documents, such as passport and driving license translations
• Birth Certificates Translation
• Marriage Certificates Translation
• Divorce Certificate Translation
• Medical Reports Translation
• Financial Statement Translation
• Police Record Translation
• Insurance Claims
• Legal Translation
• Certified translations for official purposes in the UK and Abroad

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