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My Language Connection is one of the leading and fastest-growing translation companies when it comes to delivering professional translation services. We are an ISO-Certified global team of professional translators, based in London, UK. We have helped businesses scale their productivity and global reach by providing top-quality, accurate, and certified translation services in multiple languages. Even individuals benefit immensely from our unique human translation services.

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Fast, Accurate, and Certified Translations

We are big on quality and professional service. At My Language Translation, we also offer our clients certified translations, allowing you to use your translated documents for all kinds of activities, including official purposes. We are ISO-Certified language solution experts, and partnering with us assures you of the highest quality. With our certified translation services, our clients can rest assured of the accuracy and authenticity of our translations.

We approach each business translation with every sense of professionalism and expertise, ensuring that you get the best service when we finish the project. Every translator on our team understands the implications of wrong or inaccurate translations. And as such, we all strive to give our clients the best services available in the industry.

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Let's Start Your English Translation Project

We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text. Simply fill out the quote form and we can get started for you.

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Our Translation Process

We have a well oiled translation process that starts with us receiving a free quote request from our clients. Once the order is confirmed, we proceed to translating the documents whilst making sure that technical aspects, cultural nuances and industry specific terminology are taken into account. Once all of our English language translations are completed they are thoroughly proofread. Next, we send the translated copies back to our clients for review. We incorporate the change/edit requested and send you back the final copy of the translated document. All the while, we ensure a professional approach, timely delivery and good communication with you. We also can empty technology such as translation memory to help save on time and make your budget go further for larger projects with repetitive copy.

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Why Partner With My Language Connection?

MLC is the trusted translation partner of a wide array of companies in different industries, and we translate just about anything, at any time. Our singular mission is to be your voice in places you cannot reach due to language barriers.

We Use Best-in-Class Translation Technology

We offer you the best and most reliable translation services in the UK translation industry. Different companies worldwide have relied on one or more of our services to expand their national and global reach. A key contributor to our success and translation seed is the use of the best translation solutions on the market. We also incorporate machine translation services to ensure quick service delivery to our clients.

Highest Quality and Professional Translations

We have a professional approach to every project we handle. Whether you are translating your website content to other languages or need to submit a certified translation at the immigration office, we’ve got you covered with the best quality you can find on the market. Our aim is to help businesses reach more and retain their customers, as well as enable individuals needing translation services to conclude every legal, official, or personal transaction with high-quality English/multilingual translation services.

We Offer Competitive Prices

In order to enable our customers to continue their relationship with us for the long haul and also keep a tight reign on budget, we offer our expertise at competitive prices. The cost of our services, in general, depends on the volume of the work to be done and, of course, the complexity of the project.

Quick Turnaround Time

Every business typically has several moving parts, and we understand that your business needs to move swiftly sometimes, given a reasonable time, we can help you set deadlines with fast and affordable translations. Get an online quote.

ISO-Certified Translation Agency

As an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, My Language Connection ensures that all translations satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements and other necessary translation requirements for your industry or niche while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

Top-quality, Accurate Translations

Each word is translated based on the best translation standards and regulations. Every translator on our team understands our dedication to quality and top-notch services. Get an online quote by filling out the online order form.

Let's Start Your English Translation Project

We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text. Simply fill out the quote form and we can get started for you.

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Multilingual Website Translations

To get the most out of your online presence, you want to ensure that your website content is available and optimised for native users in other areas of the world, especially those for whom your business is specifically designed. We offer multilingual certified translation services in more than 250 different target languages. We also translate from one target language to English. Here are some of the languages we translate to:

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Expert Translators

Our team of English translators is comprised of professional linguists and native language experts with subject matter expertise in many areas. Our translators help you translate and localise your documents for the native speaker in the location you’re targeting for better results.

Sector Expertise

As a versatile and efficient service company, delivering top-notch language solutions to companies worldwide, we have translators with subject matter expertise in a wide range of businesses. In other words, we offer translation and transcreation services across several business sectors. Our linguists have relevant backgrounds, skills, and an in-depth understanding of these industries, as well as any distinct language and terminology used in each of these industries.

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Documents We Translate

We handle a wide variety of document translation services across different sectors, all of which are used for different purposes:

  • Medical documents translation
  • Legal documents
  • Financial documents
  • Business proposals
  • Automotive and aviation documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Certified translation service
  • Construction service
  • Academic transcripts
  • Bank statements
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Divorce decrees
  • ID Documents
  • Marriage certificates
  • Police clearance CRBs
  • Wills & testaments
  • Website certified translation
  • Brochures
  • Court documents
  • Contracts
  • Engineering documents
  • Government documents
  • Handbooks

Machine Translation for Quick Service Delivery

Are you working on a large project, but running on a very tight deadline? Do you need to get your marketing materials translated quickly so you can launch your campaigns? If yes, then you’re right where you need to be! My Language Connection is a professional translation services company skilled in delivering accurate translations within very short deadlines.

To hasten the process, we often use machine translation technology to translate the original document from one language to another. Our machine translation solutions feature an intuitive API and artificial intelligence that speeds up the process of translating texts and voice note translated documents. Besides, we work with some of the best English translators in the UK and around the world.

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Certified English Translations

Our passion is providing every one of our customers with outstanding service – understanding exactly what you need to help you achieve success in your target marketplace. We employ a combination of highly-skilled human translators and Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tools that ensure the accuracy, localisation, and pinpoint accuracy of your written material.

The Cost of English Translation Services

This typically depends on the nature and volume of the work. Most language service providers charge on a per-word basis. You can always request a quote to know how much the translation will cost you.

Request a Free Quote

Let us know the translation services you require and receive a free quote within 24 hours. We evaluate your request based on several parameters, such as the complexity of the translation, the word count, and how long it will take to complete the translation. After this, we provide you with an accurate quote.

At My Language Connection, we are available to take requests from clients, even on short notice. This way, we ensure a friendly service to all our clients across the globe. We aim to help you maintain your business operations at optimum levels.

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Scale Your Business Using High-Quality Multilingual English Translations

Get professional help to scale your business today at My Language Connection. Our translators are versed in the nuances of the different dialects and versions of the English language, both at the native speaker level and that of countries using English as an official language. English is arguably the dominant language of global communication today. It is one of the most popularly used languages. Currently, there are about 1.5 billion English speakers across the world, making it the most widely spoken language worldwide.

We specialise in helping you translate English original documents into several other languages, and if you need to localise non-English texts into the English language, we can help you localise the translation to ensure accurate capturing of the cultural nuances of the target language or target audience. English speakers constitute the world’s largest target audience. This means that every global business must have a way to communicate with clients, stakeholders, and business partners in the English language.

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Partner with MLC for Top-Quality English Translation Services

Our English translation services cover more than 250 other languages. If you would like more information on our English translation services, feel free to give us a call or by the Get a Quote form.

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