Technical Translation Services

We specialise in technical translations services. We provide translations for industries such as engineering, construction, manufacturing, and for legal, medical and marketing companies whose clients are based within the technical sectors.

Technical Translations

As you will require the highest quality translation of your technical text, when we translate your manuals, data sheets, or similar, we ensure that we match your industry-specific requirements to one of our translators who is qualified, and has the knowledge and experience of translating your subject matter.

We understand that you will have company and industry-specific terminology within your texts, which describes your specific technologies and processes, therefore we make sure that we work with you collaboratively to gain an in-depth understanding of your terminology and requirements. We then work with you to build a glossary which is passed on to our translators.

To further ensure that we only deliver consistently highly accurate translations to you, our professional translators will remain on your translation projects, project after project, should you choose us as your long-term translation partner.

In addition to providing high-quality technical translations, we also produce print-ready translated materials with a full InDesign and AutoCAD capability including all major desktop publishing and publishing-for-print software tools.

Documents We Translate

Some technical documents that we have recently translated for our clients that we can help you with are:

  • Operating manuals
  • Command screen code strings
  • Training manuals
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • Tender applications
  • Design specifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Construction manuals
  • Health & Safety Documentation
  • Medical Translations
  • Translation memory
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We are a translation company that provides comprehensive, professional translation services in more than 200 languages and dialects. And we give you customised solutions according to your document, target audience, and budget.

Our combination of highly skilled linguists and Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools, ensures that your translation is more accurate and delivered at lightning fast speed!

Our main focus is technical translations, but we also offer legal translation services and medical translation services as well as patent, marketing, legal and general translation.

We are a translation agency that also offers multilingual typesetting services as well as transcription services. If you would like more information on the technical translation services that we provide, call us or send us your document for a quote by clicking here.

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