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My Language Connection is a leading global provider of professional translation services. Over the years, we have provided top-quality clinical research translation services, clinical trial translations, and other related medical translation services to leading clinical research organisations around the world.

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Get Qualified Translators for Global Clinical Trials

As a trusted and experienced medical translation company, we provide localised clinical translations for pharmaceutical companies in over 250 target languages. We handle translations of typical documents like informed consent forms, case reports, patient information leaflets, patient questionnaires, associated legal documents, etc.

When conducting clinical trials on an international scale, contract research organisations will often need to present clinical outcome assessments and related clinical trial documentation used during the drug development process in the target language of every stakeholder invested in the project. Our translators are trained to provide an accurate translation of each material used during international clinical trials.

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Best-in-Class Linguistic Validation for Clinical Research Translations

Clinical trials and research plays a crucial role in bringing new drugs and pharmaceutical products to the market. Contract research organisations (CRO) and their pharma sponsors, on the other hand, are constantly faced with the never-ending challenge of delivering the best drugs to users across the globe.

The international clinical trial process itself requires the services of professional translators to ensure that medical professionals and individuals using these drugs and medical devices can access the correct information in the target languages. Accurate linguistic validation is another important aspect of the process. At MLC, we work with certified clinical translators/native speakers with vast experience providing accurate clinical; trials translations and linguistic validation for the pharmaceutical industry.

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MLC is Trusted By Clinical Research Organisations

Clinical research organisations are very important to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries because they help make clinical studies easier for these companies. Since many of them operate on a global scale, CROs often need to partner with clinical research translation services providers. MLC currently partners with a few CROs, providing accurate clinical translations that enable pharmaceutical companies, life sciences, and biotech firms to meet their customers’ expectations.

We also partner directly with biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and other firms in the medical industry to deliver professional clinical trial translations. Occasionally, CROs also need to carry out back translation and reconciliation, cognitive debriefing, and harmonisation of patient responses from clinical trials. MLC offers quality back translations when necessary.

Do you need an accurate clinical trial translation for your clinical research project? You can request a quote for a project request in seconds. We will also assign a dedicated project manager to your team to ensure you have all you need throughout the translation process.

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What Our Clinical Research Translation Service Covers

Wondering whether we can handle the documents that you work with? Here are some of the typical documents that we translate for clinical research firms:

  • Subject Information and informed consent forms
  • Patient diaries
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Patient questionnaires
  • Case report forms
  • Clinical Protocols case
  • Back translation of reports into source/original languages
  • Legal documents
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Investigators brochure
  • And many more
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MLC is an ISO 17100:2015 accredited Translation Agency.

ISO 17100:2015 

We pride ourselves for providing 5 star customer service.

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Case Study

Medeuronet is a MedTech innovation company who help entrepreneurs bring their innovations to market, which helps to build the next generation of MedTech.

Medeuronet asked MLC to assist in multiple projects, including translation for Informed Consent to participate in clinical research studies.  This was vital to ensure they were able to launch their products in the market safely, efficiently and successfully.

“We used MLC for their translation services and the response of the team was good. The turnaround time for our translation project and the quality of the translation was excellent. Overall, I would use them again and I would recommend them too.”

Anne Clinical Study Manager, Medeuronet

Our Solution

My Language Connection helped Medeuronet to translate Informed Consents and feedback questionnaires for patients to enable the trial participants to fully understand the protocol of the study they were part-taking. By fulfilling Medeuronet’s needs, this enabled them to distribute culturally and ethically accurate translations that their patients fully understood.  This helped toward the successful running of their trials and allowed the required data to be gathered which was needed to move onto the next phase of their project; another step closer to market!



Dexcom is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management.

COUCH Health

COUCH Health

A company built around the challenges facing the industry, healthcare and public health.



medeuronet has a reputation for helping innovative medtech companies achieve liftoff in Europe.

Medical Market Regulations

In most countries it is a requirement that any patient information and labelling is translated. Regulations from the European Union specify translation as a requirement in order to market a product in a Member State. This applies to labelling, packaging, instructions for use, or any technical documentation. Clinical trials require translation in order for local clinicians and patients to be able to understand them. Regulatory approval submissions typically must be translated as well.

Expert Medical Translations

Translation for the life science field typically involves technical manuals, regulatory documentation, and software applications. When dealing with the translation of medical documents and files, we place vast importance on discipline of language and the understanding of all medical terminology. Customers in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare industries have come to rely on our team of subject-matter experts for even the most complex medical translation services.

Medical Document Translation

MLC delivers the best in medical document translation services. We translate medical documents and can cover over 200 languages. All of our medical translators have been trained in medical terminology so that all of our translations are guaranteed accurate. MLC helps to bridge the gap between medical professionals and non-English speakers. We are also and ISO 17100:2015 accredited translation business and are now regarded as a trusted provider to the medical industry.

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Strict Compliance With Regulatory Standards

Besides helping you translate from the source language to your target languages, MLC ensures that your documents and products are ideal for regulatory submissions. We understand that the medical industry is internationally regulated with very strict rules.

For instance, ethical committees want to make sure that life science and clinical experiments are carried out in accordance with national and international law.

MLC is familiar with these regulations. In addition to ensuring translation accuracy, we ensure that your translations meet the necessary regulatory standards in every target language we translate to.

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AI-Powered Clinical Trial Translation Services

At MLC, we have built the perfect team for handling all medical translation projects, including clinical research translations. These are expert medical translators who are intimately conversant with the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries. They combine their vast knowledge of the drug development process with expert linguistic skills to deliver our quality promise to all our clients.

But in addition to that, we also augment our best human efforts with the best translation technology in the industry. We use algorithms powered by AI and machine learning to fast-track clinical trials translations and enhance our efforts toward providing quality translation services.

Get accurate translation for clinical trials

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Decentralised Clinical Trials

Need to Translate Medical Documents?

We cover a variety of medical documentation and specialist topics, these include:

  • Clinical trial documents
  • Consultation reports
  • Codes of conduct
  • Discharge summaries
  • Machine operating manuals
  • Marketing material (including websites)
  • Operational procedures
  • Patient consent forms
  • Patient information
  • Research papers

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Our Quality Promise

In all our customer engagements, MLC is committed to ensuring high quality and consistent customer satisfaction. Our team of professional medical translators are equipped to deliver on time and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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