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Desktop publishing typesetting process requires expertise and mastery of not just the language for the task, but also the art of typesetting itself. It is basically easy to translate and typeset a particular material into any target language. But presenting the final work in a format that is both graphically appealing to the reader and ready for publishing requires the help of an experienced multilingual typesetting service.

This is exactly what you get when you use our multilingual DTP services. Whether you need Chinese typesetting or Arabic typesetting, or for other Asian or foreign languages, you can rely on our multilingual typesetting service at My Language Connection to get your project started and executed to the highest standards in quality.

We work with a team of expert linguists and multilingual typesetters specialised in more than 250 different languages, including Asian languages. We typically take into account all elements of layout, design, and language nuances for every project we handle. Learn more about our desktop publishing services by filling in this form.


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What is Multilingual Typesetting?

Typesetting, which is also known as Desktop Publishing or DTP, is the process of correctly arranging text within a layout that can be published in a digital or print form. When translations are needed during the project, it becomes necessary to engage a professional multilingual typesetting service provider. We work on multilingual documents and translated text, making it ready for the press or for printing.

Note that the linguistic implications of typographic errors or other graphics and formatting issues can dramatically impact the quality of the final content. This is why we encourage our clients to go for experience and quality when they need to typeset a document into a foreign language.

Why Do You Need Our Multilingual Typesetting Service?

In case you’re wondering whether you need typesetting services in the first place, the first thing to consider is whether you need to share content in prints or soft copies with people. Are you looking to publish a book or distribute your material to a target audience? If yes, then you need typesetting services. Multilingual typesetting, on the other hand, becomes very important if you need to translate original texts into other languages and distribute them to people.

At My Language Connection, we provide a top-notch multilingual typesetting service, delivered by expert typesetters and linguist experts. We ensure that the finished product is not only press-ready but conforms to your brand identity, the typographic conventions of your target market, and is visually appealing in terms of fonts, images, and layout.

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Our Multilingual Typesetting Services

Layout Design

We offer you visually appealing layouts to ensure an immersive experience for everyone who reads the final material. For example, unlike in the past, most Chinese documents are no longer written from right to top left. We also take into consideration the character sets, language nuances, different amounts of space requirements, whether the text is written from right to left or from left to right.


Writing systems vary for different languages, and we are well aware of this as we work from page to page. We know that fonts hold some importance when you need to conform to the typographical connections of a particular language, say Arabic or Chinese, for example. We ensure that no font issues affect the quality of the finished product. We use Unicode fonts where applicable.

Image & Illustrations

Our graphic designers and illustrators can help you add custom designs, images, and artwork to embellish your files. This includes using Indesign and advanced Illustrator tools to create appealing images.


File Formats

Whether you need our typesetting or translation services, we can provide you with the files in any format of your choice. We can also work directly in your content management systems if necessary. This helps us avoid potential pitfalls and rectify errors quickly.

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Languages that We Typeset

While our team can cover over 250 different languages, here are the languages that we work on the most:


  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Hebrew
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • English

  • Thai
  • Estonian
  • Danish
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • French
  • Italian
  • Swahili

Our Typesetting and Translation Process

Layout Design

Reformatting documents and graphics into other languages can be technically challenging and overburden your staff when going from English into five, ten or more languages, or vice versa. What fits in text boxes in Quark Xpress, InDesign, or Illustrator files in English, may not fit in when written in German or Japanese. Hyphenation rules change, pages sizes will differ, and images may become irrelevant.

Additionally, DTP translation can be notoriously difficult in foreign languages due to incompatibility between the software and foreign fonts, especially when the typesetting needs to be rendered in languages that do not use Roman characters, say Arabic, or Asian languages, for example. In the end, we ensure that the final document is print-ready or can be shared electronically.


My Language Connection has access to graphics and design teams who can rearrange visual components and layout requirements, give advice on the equivalent fonts in Chinese and make sure texts in Arabic flow smoothly from right to left, as well as ensure that all special characters have been transferred correctly. MLC also offers multilingual translation services in any target language of your choice.

Typically we request that project managers provide us with manuscripts, illustrations, and original texts that they would like to work on, and we can provide a quote. If the quote is okay for you, then we can proceed. Once we finish, you’ll receive a copy for review. The final manuscript will be the edited and proofread document that is press-ready.

Benefits of outsourcing your multilingual typesetting needs to My Language Connection

My Language Connection provides you with excellent certified language services, including our multilingual translation service, so that you can distribute your documents to a broader audience. That doesn’t include your benefits as a partner. We offer you top-quality multilingual typesetting and DTP solutions. You can count on the ability of our multilingual DTP team to provide professional typesetting and translations.

Our thoroughly written and proofread multilingual text formatting involves converting translated words to InDesign while following important language rules.

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Let’s Start Your Multilingual Typesetting Project Today

If you would like more information on the multilingual typesetting service that we provide, feel free to call us today or fill in our quote form.

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