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Get your business in front of a global audience using the best website translation services. We translate and localise all the content on your site so that each new and existing customer can interact with your brand in their native language.

My Language Connection combines many years of experience in the translation and localisation industry with industry-leading translation technology to translate websites.

Simplified Website Translation Services. Perfect Localisation. Multilingual Website Translation.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Why Do You Need a Website Translation Services Provider?

If your business serves global customers, you may not be able to leave a lasting impression on the market until you speak the language of the local user. Also, if you have customers in foreign countries searching for your services, search engines can only crawl your web pages if they contain relevant content in the language of local users.

Why Trust Our Website Translation Services at MLC?

Professional Translators


At My Language Connection, getting your site translated is a job exclusively performed by seasoned professionals. We work from one web page to another while keeping user experience, your services, brand tone, context, and efficiency in mind.

Best Translation Technology


Our professional translation services use the best tools and platforms. This way, we ensure errors are completely eliminated. You can also use our services for proofreading your site to ensure technical accuracy.

Cost-effective Site Localization


At MLC, we do not only offer you best-in-class website localization services, but we also offer you affordable rates. We are experts at helping brands penetrate international markets with affordable translation solutions.

Machine Translation Services


This technology helps us incorporate artificial intelligence into our website translation process, automating our website translations with minimal input from a human translator. When we translate your website, you can expect a trackable translation workflow that allows you to monitor your project’s progress and get prompt responses.

Choose How We Localize Your Site


Whether you provide us with the HTML documents or other files for your site or want us to perform the translation on a cloud-based website localization platform or within your CMS, you can be sure of getting the best service. Our translators are not only versed in localisation, but also experienced in working across different platforms and using several localisation tools.

Custom Website Localisation Processes


Some clients prefer to localise or translate their site content as web development is ongoing, while some prefer to perform localisation after web development is completed. Whatever the case, we can design a seamless localisation process that meshes well into your schedule, starting from the main tasks to the least important ones.

Additional Services


Aside from translating websites, My Language Connection can also help you translate your social media posts and any other marketing material into the languages of your international audiences. We also offer custom translation services to help you reach your target market with an accurately translated website and localised marketing messages.

View Our Case Studies

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Let’s Start Your Website Translation Project

We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text. Simply fill out the quote form and we can get started for you.

Localise Your Website Content for International Readers

For either situation, you need the help of a professional website translation company to translate and localise your web pages from the source (original language) to the target language. At My Language Connection, we specialise in helping global brands like yours extend their reach into international markets with perfect website localisation services, translating your message from your own language into multiple languages. This way, your brand can win more customers in foreign markets.

In fact, in many situations, your target audience can better relate with your brand, products, or services when you use website translation services. It is a lasting strategy that has been engaged by global brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola, and many others to reach international users.

Bio tech translation agency. My language connection
Bio tech translation agency. My language connection

Local/Multilingual SEO

Another critical reason why you need website translation services is for SEO purposes. As highlighted above, internet users are constantly searching for products and services that are available both locally and internationally. Search engines, on the other hand, are also optimising their features to allow different categories of internet users, including native speakers in new markets, to see only web content that is relevant to them.

Complement Online Translation Services

Online translations like Google Translate and Bing Translator help your users around the world to choose what language to view your site in while retaining the same meaning. But these algorithms may not be versatile enough in the cultural nuances of other languages. This is where you need the expertise of professional translation solutions to reach international customers.

Bio tech translation agency. My language connection
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Partner With a Professional Website Translation Services Company Today

With more than 250 professional linguists and native translators specialised in other languages, we can help you communicate in virtually any major target language on the global market. Our translation services cover all kinds of website content, including marketing material, meta descriptions, multilingual SEO, machine translations, HTML files, and much more. Our team of expert website translators have translated hundreds of websites into several foreign languages while preserving meaning and technical accuracy.

Get Your Message Across to an International Audience Today!

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

How Does Our Web Translation/Localisation Service Work?

Our website translation services can always be tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. The translation process is seamless and fast. We typically take out some time to understand your business goals, read the existing content, and understand your brand tone before proceeding with the website translation.In most cases, we prefer to have you list out exactly what you need to accomplish, so that we can run with a clear picture. While our services typically cover translating the entire websites of our clients, we also would love to hear from you if you need us to pay special attention to any particular age or need additional services. From the texts on the pages, call-to-actions, contact form, order form to HTML files, and other website elements, our team of expert linguists have the experience and relevant qualifications to meet the needs of your translation project.

You can have us work simultaneously with your web development team, so that as they create the pages in the source language, we help them get them translated quickly before the pages go live. However, if you prefer to have us do the translations after the whole web development project is done, that’s fine too.


As a way of helping you meet your project deadlines, My Language Connection works in a very dynamic way. For instance, we can send you the translation work in any format you prefer. Whether you want the finished translation as Word Document or HTML files, or you want us to execute the translation in a cloud-based translation platform, we are flexible enough to accommodate a unique project request. We can also translate directly from your CMS system so that you can have your pages up to date in context.

Once the website translation is done, we then thorough assess it for quality, proofread to remove errors, and make sure that the language used takes into account the cultural nuances of the native language before sending it back to you.

Bio tech translation agency. My language connection

What is Website Localisation?

Website localization services often go hand-in-hand with website translation. Website localization basically involves using imagery, local quotes, parlance, slogans, and the likes to translate all the elements on your site. When businesses are trying to go into foreign markets, not all the slogans, imagery, and quotes can be directly translated to the language of the target market.

From experience, we know that some languages do not have all the words in your own language. For instance, the English language will need to be localized and not just translated if you want a Swahili-speaking audience to understand you very well.

So the website localization process focuses on getting the meaning in the source language across to the other languages, and in most cases, paying attention to multilingual SEO. Some of the website elements that need special attention include product titles, keywords, product descriptions, order forms, contact forms, item descriptions, terms and conditions, privacy policy, End User License Agreement, legal documents, and many others.

This is what you benefit from when we translate your website.

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