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It’s the financial year-end, and you don’t want to miss a deadline due to language barriers. Ensure your business documents are translated accurately and on time with our professional translation services.

To mark the year end and MLC’s birthday, we’re offering a 10% discount on all translation services for a limited time only. From financial statements and annual reports, to tax documents, contracts, marketing materials, and business proposals, to name a few.  Contact us today to take advantage of this special offer and ensure your global audience is kept informed, no matter the language.

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Over the years, My Language Connection has stood out in the translation services industry, mostly because we work with a team of expert linguists in different sectors to provide high-quality translations to our clients in any specialised discipline. But beyond that, we pay special attention to sensitive information, brand tone, and your target audience.

Our experienced team are on hand to help you communicate clearly with stakeholders such as business partners, clients, and subsidiaries. Reach out today for a quick turnaround of translations for financial statements, annual and company reports, tax documentation, contracts, business plans, marketing materials, and more.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Our Translation Services?

Here are just some of the common year-end translations we can help you with:

Annual Reports

We provide quality, best-in-class annual reports translations, with the aim of making the reports comprehensible to your customers, investors, and stakeholders globally.

Financial Statements

Whether you need to present your company’s financial statements to your partner, investors, or to government agencies for audits, you can rely on our expertise to effectively communicate to the content of the reports to your audiences.

Company Reports

It’s a busy time for reporting! From performance reports to other important financial documents – all of which need to be correctly translated into the target languages of your stakeholder audiences.

Data Analysis Report

Data analysis reports often contain technical information, which can sometimes be confidential. Our expert linguists can interpret your data analysis reports correctly into various languages, with the utmost discretion.

Investor Documentation

Whether you offer a B2B or B2C services, if you need to pitch your company to investors in other parts of the world, My Language Connection is the translation partner you can trust to get the job done with complete accuracy.

Foreign Currency Statements

We can provide you with accurate foreign currency statement translations when you’re looking to assess the performance of your company’s foreign subsidiaries. You can confidently rely on our expert translators to do a perfect job.

Due Diligence Reports

Due diligence reporting involves the examination of financial records that must take place before entering into a proposed transaction with another party. We understand that a lot can be at stake when it comes to business deals and our expert translators will ensure every part of a due diligence report is perfectly translated.

IPO Documentation

Initial Public Offering (IPO) documents contain lots of financial and legal information. To ensure accuracy and compliance with local regulations. This can help you ensure global success when going public.

Business Proposals

Business proposals often contain lots of financial information. Translating business proposals is one of our areas of expertise. From the front page to the last letter, you can trust that we’ll catch every important detail correctly in the language you’re translating to.

Tender Documentation

Need to translate your tendering documents? Work with linguists who have extensive knowledge of the tendering processes to ensure all documents are translated with precision, and in compliance with local regulations.

Work with industry experts

MLC is an ISO-accredited company with a proprietary translation process and a partnership approach to ensure understanding, streamlined delivery, and top quality. What’s more, our linguists are native in-country speakers who are subject matter experts with a contextual understanding of your year-end requirements.

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Why leading organisations choose MLC

We Are Experts

All our translators are industry experts and they receive subject-specific training to improve the accuracy of every translations project. Our team works hard to ensure you get accurate, localised translations.

Guaranteed Confidentiality and Security

We ensure the utmost confidentiality in our projects. We ensure your information stays safe during and after the project.

Localization Experts

Besides translating your materials, we ensure that the native speakers you’re targeting can understand you in the context of their own style of communication.

Robust Corporate Translation Experience

We have worked with a lot of clients documents in many industries, allowing us to gather practical experience across many corporate contexts including financial institutions, investment houses, and life sciences companies.


Finance demands accuracy. Tiny errors can have huge consequences. Translating for the financial industry is demanding. For all translation projects, we ensure consistency, quality, confidentiality, and security as we translate each figure and terminology. We double-check every digit and letter. This is how we build trust with our customers. Our business is built on trust.

What Financial Documents Do We Translate?

We translate a wide range of services that cover such as annual reports, IPO documentation, data analysis documentation, foreign currency statements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), compliance documentation, merger and acquisition docs, tender documentation, due diligence reports, and so on.

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The financial year end is taxing enough. Let our experienced team take the lead on your translations so you can focus on the bigger picture.
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