Health and Safety document translation – why should you invest and what’s the return on investment?

Jan 31, 2019 | News

We often have Health & Safety managers ranging from facilities management, to manufacturing through to the civil engineering industry ask us to translate Health and Safety documents for their contractors whose first language isn’t English.

First of all, why should you have Health & Safety documents translated?

One very important reason to have these types of documents translated is reduction in health and safety related injuries and issues. If contractors were to harm themselves onsite whilst working due to not having a full understanding of how to manage their equipment then this could cost the company time, unnecessary costs and potentially on their reputation.

Other reasons to have these documents translated include the company saving on HR costs – a culture of understanding means that there would be less of a need for disciplinaries and sees for enhanced productivity through a united company.

Having these documents translated will help increase productivity; it’s proven that contractors who understand exactly what’s expected of them by the company and have a clear grasp on how all company processes and equipment operate, are more engaged, productive and happy.

There is also a clearly visible and measurable reduction in stress with both contractors and management.

What are the benefits to your company?

By translating Health & Safety documents, a company can be seen as an innovative market leader and a proven Investors in People. Companies have an obligation to ensure that their contractors are signing contracts that they fully understand, otherwise it can result in a breach of terms. In terms of building your profile within the industry to become a market leader in your industry, our translations can also help you achieve just that. We have even seen some of our clients use their SHEQ translations to form part of their application for awards responsible for building their profile and increasing company awareness of their operations within the industry, such as, the  CECA Inspiring Change Awards.  Further demonstrating that they care and are investors in their people by leading the way in innovating and becoming more socially responsible to their shareholders, stakeholders and the communities in which their projects form part of.

According to the HSE Government report 2017/18, £15 billion was paid out to companies  in Health & Safety related claims. The companies responsible were liable for 20% of these costs. Having contracts, risk assessments, signage, SHEQ training materials and any other quality, legal, procedural and Health and Safety related documents translated can help avoid any costly claims.

We proudly have worked for companies within the Civil Engineering space by providing them with professional and high quality translations which has helped reduce onsite accidents and also helped them to apply for the CECA Inspiring Change Awards. 

You can check out the interview we had with Breheny Civil Engineering here after working with them to complete their SHEQ translations. Breheny Civil Engineering are an innovative market leader who have been building Britain’s infrastructure since 1963 and we are proud to have been selected as their translation services supplier to work with them on their projects.

We specialise in technical translations services. We provide translations for industries such as engineering, construction, manufacturing, and for legal translations and marketing companieswhose clients are based within the technical sectors.

We are also experts at providing pharmaceutical translations, biotechnology and medical device translations. Our translators are experts in localisation as well as technical translations for the life sciences sector and provide our customers with expert medical translation services.

What’s the next steps to have your Health and Safety documents translated?

So we have concluded that there are both short term tangible and measurable results as well as softer longer-term intangible results which see stronger leadership, a united culture of understanding and overall longer-term productivity from investing in translation to improve communication within companies, so what are the next steps to have your documents translated?

Here at My Language Connection, we are invested in helping you translate your Health and Safety documents quick and accurately, with our team of over 215 global native, qualified and experienced translators and our in-house team of tri-lingual certified Project Managers who are invested in taking care of you and your people’s health and safety both in the short and long term . You can contact us for a translation quote here or you can call us on 0330 058 0251 to discuss in more detail.


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