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Breheny Civil Engineering

You can check out the interview we had with Breheny Civil Engineering below after working with them to complete their SHEQ translations. Breheny Civil Engineering are an innovative market leader who have been building Britain’s infrastructure since 1963 and we are proud to have been selected as their translation services supplier to work with them on their projects.


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Corporate Snapshot: Breheny Civil Engineering

Breheny Civil Engineering are a fast-growing Civil Engineering company who have recently been recognised for increasing revenue by 43%, with turnover topping £100m for the first time. They are setting the standard amongst Civil Engineering companies within the UK with their involvement in major projects throughout the UK, completing several large and interesting projects across the business, most notably infrastructure works at Great Yarmouth harbour. Breheny Civil Engineering are extremely strong investors in their people and have set initiatives in 2018 and 2019 which have seen them investing heavily in the performance of their sub-contractors. As part of this initiative they invested in having all their Health and Safety, Operations and in-house training materials translated into the native languages of their sub-contractors and they have chosen My Language Connection Limited, as their translation partner to help them achieve this. From the roll out of this initiative, Breheny Civil Engineering have seen their sub-contractors’ productivity, output and overall staff morale increase with Breheny now effectively communicating company expectations in their subcontractors’ languages. This has created a greater understanding between management and sub-contractors which has is in turn helping to create a stronger and more united company culture. We recently spoke with Breheny Civil Engineering to understand exactly how their translation services are helping them to achieve their goals in increasing sub-contractor productivity. If

Firstly, it was great to work with you, how did you find the overall service that we provided you with?

We thought that it was excellent. You were with us every step of the way and you worked collaboratively with our design team, even after the translation was delivered, to ensure that the Punjabi and Romanian script was typeset correctly before being printed and rolled out. We will be using you again for future translation projects.

How does the translations that we completed for you help toward Breheny’s overall mission?

It tied in very well with Breheny’s mission as it helped us to communicate all of our Health & Safety instructions to ensure that all of our sub-contractors stay safe, are compliant and can go home safely at night. Having all of our training manuals and induction videos translated ensures Breheny’s expectations of our sub-contractors are fully understood which provides clear direction and instruction and nothing is lost in translation.

What has been the result of having manuals translated amongst the sub-contractors?

It’s had a very positive result, our sub-contractors feel appreciated and before having everything translated there could sometimes be misunderstandings of what was expected from them, having all of the induction, training and health and safety materials translated has solved this issue. Our Punjabi and Romanian main sub-contractors feel very appreciative and valued now that we are speaking to them in their own language.

We see that you have recently been shortlisted for the CECA Inspiring Change Awards – congratulations on this – do you think having health and safety, training and key competencies translated for your main sub-contractors will help to win more company performance awards?

Yes very much so and we have submitted the completed health and safety and training manual translations as part of this application.

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