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Client Overview

With over 15 years’ experience in clinical research, COUCH innovate clinical trial experiences by continually challenging the norm. By combining health engagement and creative intelligence, COUCH Health elevates the voice of the community to make health more human and equitable

COUCH lead the way by using their human-centric approach to consistently deliver results, whether it’s in patient insights, recruitment, retention or site management.

“The team is really responsive and helps keep us all very organised with the number of files with tight timelines, the team is so friendly, professional and easy to work with. Especially Anna”

Hayley Hubberstey

(PhD) Director of Patient Engagement and Partnerships


Project Requirements

The collaboration between COUCH Health and My Language Connection began in September 2021, and we’ve become a vital partner in the development of some of their clients’ projects. Our first project was for the Voice Over in 16 languages for the recruitment into a clinical trial exploring hemato-oncology and investigate a new treatment. Shortly after this project, we supported with translating and localising clinical trial documentation for a her2 metastatic breast cancer trial. In 2022, we have supported with translation of outreach emails as well as transcription and translation of participant videos for a research study into Sickle cell.


We have collaborated and worked closely with COUCH to form part of their extended team. By having MS Teams calls to ensure we understand exactly the brief of the project and their clients’ expectations, to working to tight deadlines and helping find the perfect voice over artist for their client’s projects. The requirements of the project were to ensure the documentation and voice overs came across as friendly and welcoming whilst taking into consideration cultural nuances and localising the content to the country to help COUCH achieve a high rate of patient participation and retention in the trials.


As the translation of patient trial documentation can be a sensitive task, since location ethics and culture can impact patient interpretation of what is being asked of them, it can be a challenge to get this right. but with the help of our specialist translators who are industry specialists and/or have lived experience, we were able to fulfill COUCH’s needs, enabling them to distribute culturally and ethically accurate translations that their patients fully understood. This helped toward the successful recruitment, running of their and analysis of their trials and allowed the required data to be gathered which was needed to move onto the next phase of their project. This collaboration has been another big step for us continuing our growth as a recognised quality translation provider within the Life Sciences sector.

At MLC we are experts in providing companies within the healthcare & medical industry with expert translations services. Some of our expertise include biotech translations, pharmaceutical translation, medical device translations  as well as providing a wide range of medical translation services.

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Medical Device Translation Best Practices 

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Medical Device Translations: The EU MDR Perspective

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