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Client Overview

Rocket Medical is a UK-based company that specialises in designing, developing, and manufacturing medical devices for clinical use. The company has a reputation for creating high-quality, innovative products that are used in healthcare facilities worldwide. Rocket Medical’s product range includes a variety of medical devices such as catheters, endoscopes, and biopsy needles.

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Requirements & Challenges

Rocket Medical approached our translation agency with a project that required the translation of various documents such as IFUs (Instructions for Use), manuals, and technical specifications into 21 different languages. The company’s goal was to ensure that their products met the requirements of international regulatory bodies and could be sold in markets worldwide.

The challenge was that the translation had to be of the highest quality to ensure accuracy, consistency, and readability across all languages. Rocket Medical’s products are critical to patient safety and the translation had to be error-free to ensure that healthcare professionals worldwide could use their products safely and effectively.

Our Approach & Solution

The dedicated account manager started by conducting a thorough analysis of the project requirements and the client’s needs. We put together a team of experienced linguists, proofreaders, and project managers to oversee the translation project from start to finish.

Our team began by selecting linguists who had experience in the medical industry and were native speakers of the target languages. All MLC linguists are subject to rigorous screening and selection to ensure quality, accuracy, and consistency.

Next, we developed a project plan that included timelines, milestones, and clear communication channels with the client. We assigned a dedicated project manager who was responsible for ensuring that the project ran smoothly, on time, and on budget. The project manager was the main point of contact for the client and liaised with the linguists and proofreaders throughout the project.

Once the translation was complete, our team of expert proofreaders reviewed the documents to ensure that they were free of errors and met the client’s quality standards. The proofreaders checked for consistency, accuracy, readability, and adherence to the client’s brand guidelines.

The Result

Our approach, solution, and expertise allowed Rocket Medical to achieve their goal of providing safe and effective medical devices to healthcare professionals worldwide. By successfully translating their documents into 21 different languages, we enabled Rocket Medical to meet international regulatory requirements with ease, allowing the company to sell their products worldwide. The translations were of the highest quality, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and readability across all languages.

The client was extremely satisfied with the end result, and the project was delivered on time and on budget. We look forward to providing ongoing support and additional services to Rocket Medical as their trusted language partner.

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