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Find out how MLC helped Stereotaxis to successfully overcome the language barriers inherent in global clinical trials.

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Client Overview

Stereotaxis is a leading medical technology company specialising in innovative solutions for minimally invasive procedures. Their advanced robotic navigation system is revolutionising the field of electrophysiology by providing precise control and accuracy during cardiac procedures.  

With a focus on improving patient outcomes, Stereotaxis empowers healthcare professionals to navigate complex anatomies and treat cardiac arrhythmias with enhanced safety and efficiency. 

MLC has proven to be a reliable partner in a short period of time. We are so impressed with the quality of your services and partnership.

Ioana Gruchevska, Clinical Trial Manager

Client Requirements & Challenges

Stereotaxis, faced the crucial task of ensuring accurate and effective communication through the translation of their technical documents for global clinical trials. These documents included critical materials such as consent forms, privacy notices, GDPR notices, and study synopses, which required meticulous translation across seven different languages.


Our Approach & Solution

My Language Connection tackled this challenge by deploying subject matter experts with in-depth knowledge of medical terminology. Our bilingual and experienced project managers developed a comprehensive plan, carefully executed over a few weeks, to deliver high-quality translations in Danish, German, Finnish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Czech. 

By leveraging our expert linguists and utilising industry-leading translation tools, My Language Connection ensured the swift and accurate translation of all sensitive documents. Our attention to detail allowed us to maintain clarity, precision, and consistency across the translations, instilling confidence in the recipients involved in Stereotaxis’ clinical trial processes. 

Why Partner with MLC?

Through our dedicated efforts at My Language Connection, Stereotaxis successfully overcame the language barriers inherent in global clinical trials. Our approach ensured that all vital information was accurately conveyed, helping Stereotaxis achieve clear and effective communication while complying with international regulatory requirements. 

To learn more about our comprehensive translation solutions and see how My Language Connection can assist your organisation in overcoming language challenges, contact us today. 

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