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The Polish language is spoken globally by roughly 50 million speakers, of which 45 million are native speakers mostly resident in Poland. My Language Connection is an ISO-certified translations expert that is not only versed in the nuances of Slavic languages but also delivers Polish translation service of the highest quality.

Our Polish translation team at MLC is trained to handle your Polish document translation with expertise while paying the highest attention to quality. The team comprises Polish interpreters and linguistic experts with specific industry knowledge in a significant number of different industries. This means that you’ll be working with expert Polish translators with extensive experience in your business and industry.

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English to Polish Translations: We Only Work With Native Polish Speakers

The Polish language is slightly related to the English language. Like Greek, they are all Indo-Europen languages. But this does not mean that native English speakers can speak or learn Polish easily. Two particular areas that are a headache for the typical English speaker are Polish spelling and grammar. Written Polish is based on Latin script, but unlike the English language, which belongs to the Germanic sub-family, Polish belongs to Slavic.

In order words, Polish and English are only distantly related. This also means that translating from English to Polish or even from Polish to English requires the services of professional Polish translators or interpreters. Here, at My Language Connection, we have Polish linguists with extensive experience working on various Polish translation projects for years. We understand the cultural nuances of the Poles, and the different grammatical cases make the typical spoken Slavic language very unique and grammatically complex.

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Polish Website Translation and Localisation

Multinationals need to have a solid online presence in other countries where they do business. Your target audience must be able to understand your service offerings, how it benefits them, and quickly access help in their native languages. Here at MLC, we do not only help you reach clients in other parts of the world, but also ensure that your services are localised to the native Polish speaker.

When localising websites, we also factor in visibility on search engines, and for this, we pay attention to keywords and other on-page SEO factors. This is another impressive way our Polish linguists and translators support your global business.

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Why Trust My Language Connection with Your Polish Translation Project?

Over the years, we have worked with a diverse range of businesses and individual clients across different industries. One of the things we can boast loudly of is the vast experience we picked along the way so far. We have earned the trust of both local Polish businesses and multinationals by helping them overcome different communication barriers in their line of business.

Here are reasons why they trust us, and why you should consider partnering with us today:

Prompt Responses

Whether you need urgent translations with a fast turnaround time or looking for a company that can stick to our timeline and delivers exactly when you want, My Language Connection has an impeccable reputation for keeping to time without compromising on quality. This is because of the level of preparation and quality that we typically invest in every single project.

Certified Translations

Are you trying to close a business deal, but you are required to provide legally binding documents, such as certified translations? We offer certified polish translation services, ensuring that each translated document can be presented anywhere – and even for legal use. Our Polish translations are recognised and accepted by the Passport Office of the UK, the NARIC, and the Legalisation Office.

Strong Quality Policy

In all we do at MLC, we are unrepentantly tilted towards quality and nothing short of the highest quality in our translation services. All transcribers, translators, localisation experts, proofreaders & editors, formatting experts, and graphic designers understand this, and it makes our work shine.

Expert Translation Services for Every Business Sector

We offer professional Polish translations across different industries and business sectors. Polish and UK companies know us for our versatility and extensive experience working for clients in varying industries. We are versed in the legal, medical, construction, automotive, financial, marketing niches. But that’s hardly all. We have and still provide language support services to clients in different industries.

Competitive Pricing

Like other professional translation services that we offer, our Polish translation services come at competitive pricing. We charge every client on a per-word basis, meaning that the cost of your translation project will be determined by the total volume or word count of the document being translated.

Experienced Native Translators

Every native Polish translator on our team is trained and certified. Added to their excellent command of the Polish language, each translator is a professional linguist with vast experience providing language support services to local and international businesses.

Friendly Translation Process

My Language Connection is a UK-based translation services company known for delivering the best multilingual and fast translations across the UK and just about any other region of the world. Our reputation in the global translation industry is based on not just our top-notch services, but our friendly translation process. From sending you an instant quote to reviewing your feedback and finally, to when each client accepts our translations, we keep the channel of communication open for transparency and easy follow-up.

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We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text.
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Our Polish Translation Services

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What Languages Do You Translate to?

Aside from English to Polish translations, we translate from Polish to other Slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian). However, we translate to any target language you want. My Language Connection is a multilingual professional translation agency covering more than 250 different languages around the world.

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Afrikaans
  • Igbo
  • Vietnamese
  • Hindi
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Filipino
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Swahili
  • Swedish
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Indonesian
  • Sudanese
  • Zulu
  • Greek
  • Turkish

Are you translating to a different language not listed? We have professional linguists and Polish interpreters covering over 250 different languages.

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Polish Translation Services You Can Trust

Polish, or simply Polski, is a West Slavic language of the Lechitic group, written in Latin script. The Polish language is spoken primarily in Poland and is both the native and official language in Poland. Polish minorities also use it in other countries in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. There are over 50 million Polish speakers around the world, and Polish is the 6th most-spoken language of the European Union.

This is why our Polish translation team comprises native Polish translators and Polish interpreters. This way, we ensure our services are standard.

Our professional linguists and interpreters cover over 250 different languages.

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