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As an expert medical device translation agency we are here to help you get compliant but also take the strain out of localisation, labelling and translation projects. Do you need help translating medical devices into different languages? Whether you’re an international medical equipment distributor or a manufacturer looking to make deployments easier in different territories, you can trust our expert medical device translation services at My Language Connection.

As a trusted and experienced medical translation services provider that has worked with multiple brands in the medical industry, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services and our responsiveness to clients. Our medical translators are experts in medical terminology and can provide translations that satisfy regulatory requirements.

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Quality Medical Device Translations for Foreign Markets

Medical professionals across the globe use a lot of equipment and medical technology, including specific software, to carry out their day-to-day activities of caring for patients. In situations like these, medical device translation services play a valuable role in making the work of these medical professionals easy.

And with the rise in technology, medical device companies have introduced more improved and new devices to the market. At My Language Connection, we are aware of the sensitive nature of medical information, as well as the importance of providing accurate medical device document translations. This is why we only use a team of experienced medical, medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical translators for your projects. Medical translators play a crucial role in the medical device industry, as well as the medical industry at large. Translating everything from patient files, clinical trials, labelling to marketing and instructional guides.

Medical Device Localisation

Merely translating medical device requirements into different languages is hardly enough to meet the demands of the medical device industry. When handling medical device translation, we typically consider the use of appropriate scientific languages, technical accuracy, and localisation. We work with a variety of medical device manufacturers to translate medical documents, user manuals for medical equipment, medical device labelling, installation manuals, local medical policies, etc. This way, we ensure accurate translations (highest quality) and compliance with local regulations.

With quality medical device software localisation, end users in different parts of the world can prevent misuse of the medical equipment at their disposal. At the same time, they can carry out their duties even more effectively.

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Why Major Brands Trust Us

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We Use the Best Translation Technology

To help ensure great quality medical translations as well as affordable long term relationships with our customers, we employ not only human talent but also make use of the latest technologies for medical device translation services. An essential feature in our process is the use of translation memory (TM). Familiar and repetitive medical terms are stored in our database to make native language translations faster and easier.

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MLC is an ISO 17100:2015 accredited translation agency and a trusted provider of quality medical translations. Our translators specialise in medical, life sciences, and pharmaceutical translations. They are not just subject matter experts, but also native speakers with years of experience in translating a wide variety of documentation and packaging.

Working with a variety of companies, including large pharmaceutical companies and small medical device distributors, we bring expert knowledge, experience as well as quality service to language projects.


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Affordable Services

While we are swift and pretty responsive to customer requests, we are also very aware of the ongoing cost of our services.

We do not offer cheap translation solutions, however, due to the use of technologies as well as a well oiled process for translating, we can offer savings for your business over the long term

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We Deliver Accurate and Timely Translations, Always.

Whether you need a quick turnaround or want to go at a regular pace, our team of ready-to-go experts is always available to assist. Based on our experience working with different marketers and manufacturers in the industry, you can be sure of getting timely and best quality translation service from MLC.

Recent Projects

Case Studies

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The Challenges

Dexcom is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. It operates internationally with headquarters in San Diego, USA but is expanding fast in all global territories. Dexcom asked MLC to help deploy marketing and user manual documentation for a variety of territories in a bid to expedite their go-to-market timelines.

The Solution

My Language Connection provided translation services and high-level proofreading. MLC supplied native language subject matter experts which increased the speed and accuracy in delivering translated documentation. The translated documents were marketing for medical devices which helped spread awareness of Dexcom’s products across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Let’s Start Your Medical Device Translation Project

We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text. Simply fill out the quote form and we can get started for you.

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Medical Device Translation Regulations

In Europe, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) is responsible for evaluating and supervising medical products, as well as the accuracy of medical device translations. Because product information typically undergoes linguistic review in all EU languages, manufacturers of medical devices looking to cover the EU market, and indeed, every other part of the world, must ensure they meet the medical device translation requirements.

This is where MLC comes with its expertise and industry knowledge. We help medical companies ensure translation quality and improve customer engagements globally. The EU directives specify that translation is a requirement for medical device companies looking to market a product in any European Union member state. It is also important to translate clinical trials so that local clinicians and patients can understand them. Regulatory approval submissions typically must also be translated. Similarly, marketers and manufacturers must satisfy the requirements of regulatory bodies in every target market.

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We Translate All Kinds of Medical Documents

At My Language Connection, our services cover a variety of medical device-related translations. We have dedicated medical device translators to help deal with :

  • Medical Device Localisation
  • Device Labelling
  • Software localisation
  • Instructional/product manuals
  • All medical devices
  • Marketing content
  • Codes of conduct
  • Informed consent forms for clinical trials
  • All medical device content
  • Package inserts
  • Project request
  • Quality management system certificates
  • Website translation
  • Medical device software localisation
  • Device labelling
  • Product Catalogues
  • Clinical training materials
  • Technical documentation, and many more
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Preparing for Medical Device Translation

To produce the best work, we typically go through well-established business processes that allow us to produce the best work without missing any details. The first important consideration is the target audience.

Typically, staff members, such as nurses, doctors, maintenance staff, etc., that handle medical equipment must be able to use the product in their native languages without issues. This way, we always meet our customers’ expectations.

Secondly, our preparation involves creating a system that allows us to reuse the content when the need arises. This is where translation technology (TM) becomes important. For each medical device translation project, we update a database of medical terminologies, sentences, paragraphs, or segments of text that have been translated previously.

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