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My Language Connection is an ISO-Certified Transcription multilingual audio transcription Services provider. Among other language translation solutions that we offer, we also specialise in helping individuals and corporate organisations to transcribe audio or video files from one language (source language) into multiple languages (target language). We work with professional transcriptionists specialised in many languages, across several industries.

Regardless of your business sector, you can be sure of paying strict confidentiality as we transcribe your audio recording or video file.


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What are Audio Transcription Services?

Essentially, audio transcription services entail putting verbal content like speeches, spoken word renditions, recordings, meeting recordings, and all kinds of audio files in a written format. This way, the content can be distributed as printed hard copies or soft copy materials to several persons. At My Language Connection (MLC), we provide our clients with reliable human transcription services. This means that we ensure that the original meaning of the audio provided is left unchanged after the transcription.

Transcription often involves translations, in which case, the transcribed material is also translated into a foreign language. This is known as transcription-translation. For instance, this involves converting an oral English form into another language’s written form. When looking to get quality audio transcription work done, it is advisable to work with professional transcribers, who not only understand your industry but as equally skilled linguists in the target language.

Our Multilingual Transcription Services

Film & Video Transcription

Our services include transcripts for post-editing, captions, and subtitles. Throughout the project, we work tirelessly to ensure that all transcripts are accurate and reflect originality and quality.

Business Transcription

Sometimes, you may need to provide videos and audios from seminars in written form so that all employees, clients, or business partners around the world could have a copy of them. Such a project requires the services of a professional transcription services provider like MLC.


As a full-service translation agency, we also help you with quality and professional translation services, provided in more than 250 languages. If you need the original text after the transcription is completed to be translated into different languages, we can help you with that. Our professional linguists and translators can also provide your transcripts directly in the preferred language.

Interview Transcriptions

My Language Connection also offers you efficient service when it comes to transcribing interviews, whether audio or video. This includes verbatim transcriptions and translations of finished transcripts.

Multilingual Transcriptions

Our multilingual transcriptions include transcribing audio and video content in the same language. But we also transcribe audio or video content from English to other languages, from other foreign languages to English, and across other languages.

Classified Transcription Projects

MLC is a professional service provider with expert knowledge in many industries. This informs our expertise in transcribing legal documents, academic documents, and various other sectors. We conduct market research, where necessary and we ensure strict confidentiality when handling legal documents and other classified information.

Who Needs a Multilingual Transcription Service?

The demand for multilingual audio transcription has continued to grow across different industries. Some fields including medical, legal, and academic, have benefited from using these services. The medical transcription business uses professional transcription and translation agencies to conduct interviews and gather patient reports for many years.

The software development and marketing niches, for instance, have also benefited immensely from this transcription services. Data can be transcribed for audiences in other regions. Legal professionals use this service to communicate with different clients in various languages. Educational organisations often need to transcribe webinars, seminars, and encourage the recording of lectures for foreign students.


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Why Hire Us for Your Multilingual Transcription Projects?

Transcription in Multiple Languages

Our multilingual transcription service includes transcription from one foreign language to another. MLC has an international network of linguists and professional translators specialised in more than 250 languages.

Rapid Turnaround Time

When speed is a concern, we come through as expected. In other to provide you the best support for your projects, we also offer same-day transcription service, helping you ensure that your transcription project is completed within schedule.

Reliable Translations

We also offer professional multilingual translations. If you need your transcript translated for a specific audience, you can also count on us. We have handled several multilingual trancription-translation projects for a wide variety of customers.

Vast Industry Experience

Having handled lots of projects, we boast of a vast industry experience. We’ve worked with all kinds of brands – from within the UK and around the world. From law firms to construction companies and software development organisations, you can depend on us for quality, a transparent process, and speed.

Multiple Formats

We can provide you with the transcript in any supported format that you prefer, ranging from PDFs to docx. Additionally, we support all file formats, including mp3, MP4, Wav, M4a, and several others. We believe that your project is best executed in our hands.

Qualified Transcribers

We are a professional service firm, ISO-certified, and trusted by many clients, including individuals, consultants, and large firms. We offer you accurate and professional translation that meets international standards, without changing the meaning of the original text.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each transcription-translation project has a dedicated account manager managing the process from start to finish. This way, we ensure compliance with the client’s expectations.

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Save Time and Reduce Translation Cost with MLC

My Language Connection is a professional multilingual transcription services provider with a robust network of translators in more than 250 languages. We use the best software and localisation platform to get your website or app translated accurately. We are big on quality and are experienced working with multiple brands in many different niches.

We have vast experience in translating code or text strings, web-based applications, and desktop software. Besides translation, our team of translators can also localise your website coding. This ensures uniformity when creating the same command within the target language.

Let’s Start Your Multilingual Transcription Project Today

If you would like more information on the multilingual transcription service that we provide, feel free to call us today or fill in our quote form.

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