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Aviation Logistics Network

Find out how MLC helped Aviation Logistics Network reach new markets and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

ALN| My Language Connection

Client Overview

Aviation Logistics Network (ALN) is an independent association of international logistics service providers, who specialise in the transportation of time-critical freight for the Aerospace Industry, 24/7 365 days a year.

The transportation of aircraft spare parts is one of the biggest challenges for logistics service providers. Aircraft on the ground cost money.

With Aviation Logistics Network, you will be supported worldwide by professional network partners who speak your language and who are experienced in dealing with the demands for fast and secure logistics concepts.

With currently over 300 stations around the world, ALN’s network structure provides a high degree of localised decision-making skills, when attending to and monitoring individual freight solutions, for your time-critical deliveries.

Aviation Logistics Network’s mission is to continue to be recognised as the leading independent logistics provider specialising in the aviation industry and simply to keep aircraft flying globally.

What sets ALN apart is that they are 100% aviation only, purely focused logistics network, who have been recognised as the Best Logistics Provider by the ATE & M Awards.

Requirements & Challenges

Aviation Logistics Network faced the challenge of not having all of its members promote that they are members of the network – some members did not have the ALN members badge visible on their site.

As a result, they are missing out on opportunities that could enhance their business operations. This finding was determined by ALN after an internal assessment was carried out, which showed that whilst 60% of ALN’s members advertised on their websites that they are part of ALN with the official members’ badge, there was a remaining 40% that didn’t.

ALN knew that to fully engage all of their members, and for all of the network’s members to have the best opportunities, they had to speak each of their members’ languages.

ALN was then left with the challenge of finding a way to speak each of their 62 partners’ languages, in over 380 territories worldwide to fully enhance their communication and engagement of and within the network. The goal was to not only speak them but speak them well, as the industry showcases very technical, niche and industry-specific terminology – the question was: how were they going to do this and do this well?

Our Approach & Solution

After several conversations, Aviation Logistics Network chose My Language Connection (MLC) as their trusted translation partner to help them begin to work on solving the challenge of enhancing communication and promotion amongst their 62 existing partners in over 380 locations worldwide.

ALN and MLC have worked collaboratively to build up a company-specific glossary which will allow MLC to provide ALN with ongoing translation services support. MLC has now dedicated a team of native expert translators to help ALN achieve their goals, helping them to further promote, grow and enhance its powerful network to make certain that aircrafts will always be flying!

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