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Find out how MLC helped Magpie reach new markets and meet regulatory requirements with ease.

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Client Overview

Experts in good cause campaigns & behaviour change, Magpie is a creative communications agency who use the power of insight & co-creation to challenge current thinking, to unearth new ideas and to develop imaginative
creative strategies that inspire, excite & engage. They’re on a mission to create healthier, happier communities, one campaign at a time.

Hundreds of previously unserviced people are able to access important health information in their own language thanks to our collaboration with MLC. Their end-to-end service means they can deliver for multimedia, from transcription and voiceovers for animated videos to documentation and web content, which makes it a simple, streamlined process for us.

Kim Somerville

Managing Director

Requirements & Challenges

Magpie create multimedia campaigns that truly make a positive impact on the communities they serve. From web content, printed & digital marketing collateral, to animated videos and audio booklets, each campaign has unique requirements. To bring their campaigns to life in different languages to engage diverse communities, they require a range of language services and a trusted language partner to provide ongoing support and services with quick response times and fast turnarounds.

Our Approach & Solution

As with all our projects and partnerships, we focus on a human approach – both when it comes to our style and level of service, our project delivery, and in the translations themselves. Our team work with native-speaking linguists
who are up-do-date with the life of the language and have either lived experience or an in depth knowledge of the 
subject at hand. With a dedicated project manager to oversee every element and engage multiple translators across a wide range of services (from translation to transcription, voiceover, subtitling, and proofreading), we ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget every time.

Sample Projects

Magpie co-created the Covid Explained campaign, which helped people across the Yorkshire and Humber region to live and work during the Covid-19 pandemic. Working with diverse communities across 15 local authorities to provide people living in the area with facts, guidelines, and real people’s stories, broken down into
easy-to-read advice available in 12 different languages.


  • Translation and high-level-proof-reading (HLPR) of
    website content, social media content, posters,

    and leaflets.
  • Voiceover and post-production (VOPP) for audio
  • From English into 11 different languages: Arabic,
    Bengali, Czech, Farsi, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Slovak,

    Kurdish Sorani, Tigrinya, and Urdu.

In another example, Magpie were working on behalf of the NHS in a campaign to promote the best way to obtain the medical information. In the Bradford and Craven district, there are a number of communities (English, Bengali, Urdu,
Polish and Romanian) and a lack of understanding about 
the best way to contact your GP or to obtain medical information. We provided translated information booklets with voiceovers in each language along with animated videos for each language to help promote the best methods to obtain medical advice. We also included a British Sign Language version of the booklet.


  • A5 booklet translated into Bengali, Urdu, Polish and
  • A5 booklet recorded as Voiceover for each language
    with British Sign Language.
  • Animated videos with Voiceover and subtitles in each
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