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Client Overview

JD Sports is a leading retailer of sports fashion and footwear, operating over 900 stores in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the United States.

The company offers a wide range of products from major brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma as well as its own branded lines. JD Sports is known for its focus on customer service, innovative marketing strategies, and investments in technology to enhance the shopping experience.

With its ability to stay ahead of trends, JD Sports continue to lead the way in the retail industry with successful subsidiaries including Tiso, Blacks, Finish Line and more.

The team at My language connection were a pleasure to work with, offering reliable and diligent support throughout our project. The translation itself was done quickly and to a high standard, inputted directly onto our educational platform. We are pleased to have worked with MLC and would work with them again on upcoming projects.

Liam DavisESG - Research and Education

Requirements & Challenges

JD Sports needed their training material translated from English into French and Italian. The client wanted to ensure that the translated content was accurate and culturally appropriate, while also meeting their deadlines.

To meet these requirements, JD Sports reached out to My Language Connection (MLC), known for its expertise and ability to deliver high-quality translations on time.

MLC collaborated with JD Sports to understand their specific needs and expectations for this translation project.

Our Solution

As the translators would work directly within JD Sports’ platform, MLC set up a training session for its team to understand how to navigate the website.

This allowed the translators to carry out translations in real time and easily publish the translated material.

Throughout the project, MLC’s expert linguists ensured that the translated content accurately conveyed the message and intent of the original material, while also considering the cultural nuances of the target languages.

Thanks to the dedicated account and project managers keeping everything on track, MLC’s strict quality control process, the 6166 word project was delivered on time, meeting the client’s high standards. This successful collaboration has led JD Sports to consider partnering with MLC again for future translation projects.