Client Overview

Medueronet’s passion is MedTech innovation – through their consulting work and MedTech Engine (their online platform for their early phase MedTech innovators). Their mission is simple: to help MedTech innovations get to market successfully. They help entrepreneurs bring their innovations to market, helping to build the next generation of MedTech solutions.

We used MLC for their translation services and the response of the
team was good. The turnaround time for our translation project andthe quality of the translation was excellent. Overall, I would use them again and I would recommend
them too.

AnneClinical Study Manager

Requirements & Challenges

The collaboration between Medeuronet and My Language Connection began in March 2020, and we’ve become a vital partner in the development of some of their clients’ projects. Our first project was the translation of Patient’s Informed Consents. After providing a reliable and quality driven service, Medeuronet relied on us shortly after to translate another Informed Consent to participate in clinical research studies.

Our Approach

Since our partnership began, we have succeeded in delivering with brilliant quality while working to tight deadlines. This collaboration has been another big step for us continuing our growth as a recognised quality translation provider within the Life Sciences sector. We thoroughly enjoy working for Medeuronet, continuing to expand our experience in this sector, developing the necessary skills to assist our clients to launch their products in the market safely, efficiently and successfully.


My Language Connection helped Medeuronet to translate Informed Consents and feedback questionnaires for patients to enable the trial participants to fully understand the protocol of the study they were partaking in.

As the translation of patient consent forms can be a sensitive task, the group and location ethics and how the group’s culture can impact their ethics, and interpretation of what is being asked of them, it can be a challenge to get this right but with the help of our experienced medical human translators, we were able to fulfill Medeuronet’s needs, enabling them to distribute culturally and ethically accurate translations that their patients fully understood.

This helped toward the successful running of their trials and allowed the required data to be gathered which was needed to move onto the next phase of their project; another step closer to market!