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In the light of globalisation and the opportunities it brings for the life science industry, My Language Connection life science translation services provide quality support that enables the life science sector to attain a much-needed global reach. Life sciences deal with the study of living organisms, clinical trials for testing/discovery of new drugs, tech advances in molecular biology and biotechnology, and a burgeoning of specialisation and new disciplines, all of which help improve global healthcare practices.

My Language Connection is positioned with a team of experienced life science translators to help the industry overcome linguistic barriers, foster seamless international communication, and promote international life science trade using quality translation services. Are you a producer or marketer of medical devices, pharmaceutical products, or life science researcher needing life sciences/medical translation services?

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bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

We Are Intentional About International Regulatory Standards

At My Language Connection (MLC), we understand the risks involved in translating for the life science sector, as well as the international regulatory standard. Our expert life science translators combine their linguistic expertise with their vast knowledge of the medical and life sciences industries to ensure consistency in meaning, accurate translations, and best quality.

The life science industry is heavily regulated in Europe, America, and other parts of the world, making life science translation services harder than other types of translation services. Nonetheless, you can rely on our vast experience in the industry to ensure that all translated documents/content meets international regulatory standards without compromising quality.

Certified Life Science Translation Services

When needed, we have subject matter expert reviewers and medical experts who review our life science translations for accuracy, information security, and regulation compliance. These subject matter experts are qualified, licensed professionals that can certify every translated document for accuracy and authenticity.

Certified life science translations may be required for linguistic validation and compliance with regulatory standards, but they’re more beneficial for official purposes, especially when dealing with government agencies.

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Why Trust Us for Quality Life Science Translation Services?

ISO 17100:2015 Certified Translation Agency

My Language Connection satisfies the ISO 17100:2015 requirements for translation services. This means that we are capable of providing high-quality translations to our clients in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences. We do not just translate original texts into other languages; our end goal is to ensure that all stakeholders, including investors and customers that use these products, can access useful information in the native languages, or at least a language they all understand.

Multilingual Life Science Translations

The importance of life science translation becomes apparent when executives like healthcare managers need to make important medical/healthcare-related decisions. All findings and reports must ideally be a preferred language for easy interpretation. MLC life science translators are subject matter experts that provide quality life science translations in major European Union languages, including German, French, Swedish, Spanish, English, Russian, etc.


Excellent Client Services

If, for instance, your organisation is in the process of developing a new product, which you plan to introduce to the international market. Throughout the entire process, starting with the synthesis or engineering, production, prototyping, scaling, and development of marketing plans for the drug, our experts will translate every essential documentation, including consent forms, clinical research papers, regulatory submissions, and other major areas. In addition to that, we will carry you along the entire process, ensuring that you get good customer service

Attention to Detail

When you partner with MLC for any life science translation project, we can assure you of quality and accuracy. As experts who work with life science companies, our translators understand the intricacies of the biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals, and the medical device industry. A little error in any translated information can have a huge impact.

Our attention to detail is one factor that has won us more clients and kept us in the business. When translating scientific documentation, we pay extra attention to linguistic accuracy, industry terminology, as well as localisation in the target languages. We also use linguistic validation technology that makes our work even more accurate and easier. This way, we ensure every translated document is free of errors, thereby offering our clients efficient translation services.

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What Do We Translate?


As a fully-fledged life science translation company, our translation services for the life sciences sector cover a variety of materials and documents. Some of the materials we translate are:

– Research publications
– Lab results
– Clinical trials documents
– Reports
– Case report forms
– Marketing materials
– Labelling for pharmaceutical products/devices
– Medical equipment
– Informed consent forms
– Relevant reference materials
– Patient questionnaires
– Package inserts
– Business documents
– Technical documentations
– Case report documents,
– And many more

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Our Life Science Translation Solution

Medical Marketing Translations

We provide marketing translation services to pharmaceutical companies and every other business related to life sciences. While ensuring adherence to business requirements, we also ensure that the translations meet the localisation demands of the target audience.

For instance, a European pharma company trying to break into the Asian life science market will need to translate items like package inserts, product characteristics, technical manuals, etc., to effectively communicate with customers and stakeholders in several languages.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Linguistic Validation

Another great benefit of working with an experienced life sciences translation or medical translations company is that you are sure of the accuracy of the terminology in the translated texts. Medicine, pharmacy, and life sciences are fields that use lots of jargon and technical terminology. We work with a team of subject matter experts who review the translation for linguistic accuracy. This way, we ensure you get an accurate translation each time you work with us.

Clinical Trials Translations

Accurate clinical trial translations are of utmost importance to the entire clinical trial process. This typically involves translations for labelling site documentation, consent forms, case report forms patient filled, etc. With our insight and expertise in the industry, we offer you the best service to help you reach more audiences in new markets and popular languages.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Medical Translation Services

Whether for private or public healthcare companies, organisations and corporations, our wide experience make us ideally suited to handle any medical translation brief. From healthcare information booklets to medical and life sciences product packaging and labelling, we offer professional certified translations to suit your needs.

Medical Device Translations

Medical devices need to be translated for users in other languages to avoid misinformation and ensure regulatory compliance. This is another crucial aspect of our professional translation services at MLC, where we assist pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers with accurate translation and localised translations in overcoming language barriers when entering new markets.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Pharmaceutical Translations

With our professional pharmaceutical translation services, pharma companies will be able to provide accurate product information to their target audience. My Language Connection is an experienced pharmaceutical translation provider that has worked with many different brands in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Biotechnology Translations

My Language Connection (MLC) can help you overcome every communication challenge when you need accurate and localised biotechnology translation. As an ISO-Certified medical translator that has partnered with different biotech companies, we know the intricacies of the biotech industry, and you can trust the quality that we deliver.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Regulatory Submissions Translations

Pharmaceutical companies need to meet the market’s regulatory standards and expectations. As the need for more effective products continues to rise viz a viz the ever-growing advancements in molecular biology and genetic engineering, My Language Connection works in tandem with pharma companies and clinical research specialists to ensure strict regulatory compliance and fast track the introduction of improved and novel products to international markets.

We work with local and international regulatory agencies, such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), and the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA, now NMPA). Our medical translators have extensive experience working with these regulatory agencies and many others in other countries.

Languages We Translate To

– English (UK, American, Canadian, and Australian)
– German
– Arabic
– Chinese
– Brazilian
– Korean
– Norwegian
– Czech
– Spanish
– Russian
– Danish
– Portuguese
– Dutch
– Finnish
– French
– Italian
– Japanese
– Polish
– Thai

Looking for life sciences translations in languages other than the few listed above? No worries. Our linguistic experts are native speakers that cover more than 250 different languages, including all major European, Asian, and African languages.

Send us your project request today, and we will follow up right away.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

We Use Advanced Translation Technology

My Language Connection uses industry-leading medical translation technology to deliver the best work to our esteemed clients. This does not mean that we leave your translations entirely to machines. Instead, in a world where everything is moving so fast, and technology keeps advancing to improve the quality of life, we engage the best technology on the market to complement our human effort and improve the quality of our services to you.

Translation technologies brought about the use of translation memory, which essentially, are pre-defined translation glossaries or a database of previously translated words. Having a translation memory makes the process even easier since it is a collection of technical terminology related to the project.

bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Cost of Life Science Translations

Translation costs vary depending on the scope of the project, the target language, the industry, and the volume of the project. This means that we may evaluate the cost of implementing different translation projects on different factors.

Generally, we offer competitive rates and allow our clients to follow the entire translation process from the beginning to the end. We typically assign dedicated project managers to oversee the whole process till completion. To get the exact cost of your translation, tap on the button below to send us a request with the details of the project, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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