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Accurate and top-quality translations for businesses in the aviation industry. Hire a trusted aviation industry translation services company that’s well versed in the aviation sector for accurate translations of aviation documents.

Achieving accurate and high-quality translations of technical codes, civil aviation terms, technical documents, local regulations, technical specifications for aviation equipment, and all other aviation-industry-related materials require from one language to another require the input of professional linguistic or professional translators. But working with linguistic experts experienced in the aviation industry gives you a better chance of getting high-quality translation services.

Here at My Language Connection, our team of aviation industry translators is truly subject matter experts and professional linguists with robust knowledge of the ins and outs of the air transportation industry, aircraft engineering, and manufacturing, avionics terminology, avionic operations. And we translate different aviation documents into more than 250 different global languages.

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Our Major Service Offering

We aim to provide you with the best aviation or avionics translations by translating different aviation materials from one language to different target languages to the highest level of accuracy and quality. Whether you need to communicate with your aviation team in other countries, extend your civil aviation operations to emerging markets, or circulate updated business processes to your entire customer base in each country you serve, My Language Connection is the translation agency you want to work with.

We offer top-notch language services to different aviation companies serving the aviation industry in different capacities. We help the aviation industry bridge communication gaps around the world.

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Avionics industry services we offer

  • Aerospace communication codes/guidelines
  • Security protocols
  • Product manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Training courses
  • Military aviation translations
  • Aircraft manufacturing materials
  • Process manuals
  • Aerospace manufacturing process
  • Thermodynamic translation
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Terms & conditions documentation
  • On-board flight announcements
  • Commercial aviation codes
  • Training documents

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Executive translations for aviation industry projects

The aviation industry is a highly specialised industry with many moving parts and technical requirements. Ensuring efficient communication across international borders is a major demand – one which is heavily dependent on multilingual translations. Our aviation translations at My Language Connection are crafted to accelerate global aviation success.

We serve multiple international airlines, avionics technical equipment manufacturers, and other aviation services providers. For different aviation translation projects, we ensure that each terminology is accurately translated into the different target languages (languages of local audiences) you need. We work hand-in-hand with the aviation industry to connect different parts of the world together.

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Jet Engine Translation Services in more than 250 languages

We help aircraft engine manufacturers needing excellent translations in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, French, Thai, Swahili, and up to 250 different languages with quality technical translations. My Language Translation provides the necessary linguistic resources and technology to offer you the best translation results in multiple languages around the World. Our expert translators have vast experience handling different translation projects. This includes the latest engine materials, international airline security policies, travel codes, air travel processes, maintenance protocols, technical documentation, etc.

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Get expert help for aviation translations

My Languages Connection is a reliable translation and localisation service agency established on delivering the best translations to aviation companies. Our relationship with our customers is built on trust and quality translation service delivery. We have worked with different aviation companies and aircraft maintenance firms on a variety of translation projects.

Let us help you communicate your messages to audiences around the world with accuracy. Our certified team is made up of expert translators who speak the native languages of your customers.

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Our aviation translations follow a simple, fast, and easy process that is tailored to your business needs.

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