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Get tailored marketing translation services for your brand

Today, content is the most powerful marketing material you can lay hold of. Whether you’re selling to a local audience or trying to reach international audiences, the most important item that must be in your marketing arsenal is a highly optimised message, tailor-made for your target audience. When you need to reach a multilingual audience, then you need multilingual content, which is where the expertise of a marketing translation services provider comes into play.

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Optimised Marketing Translations for Your Target Market

At My Language Connection, we specialise in helping you translate attention-grabbing, and search engine optimised multilingual content for your marketing campaigns. Our experience handling marketing translation projects spans several years in the industry. When you partner with us for your international marketing campaigns, you can be sure of getting professional marketing translation services delivered by experienced marketing translators.

What Languages Do You Translate to?

We can translate any marketing collateral into more than 250 languages, including English, SpanishFrench, German, Swahili, Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese, Deutsch, Russian, Bengali, Japanese, Urdu, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, and Italian.

What is DTP Marketing Translation?

DTP or Desktop Publishing translation involves using a software application for the formatting or layout of marketing content or pages to convert the text into the correct format for printing or distribution as soft copies. We offer top-quality translation services for all marketing projects.

Need a Quick Translation Service?

We translate your original message into other languages in a very timely manner, to help you stay on track with your marketing campaigns. Our experienced team ensures that you reach your multilingual clients with the best marketing translation results within the deadline.

Multilingual B2B marketing campaigns

B2B marketing also thrives on effective communication. While highlighting your business’ individual selling points, we also ensure that your marketing message is communicated in the most compelling and creative ways that yield the best engagements from the audience.

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Let’s Start Your Marketing Translation Project

We handle everything from your initial quote to planning out your project, proof reading it, as well as formatting your text. Simply fill out the quote form and we can get started for you.

Need Help Translating Your Marketing Documents?

Here’s why you should partner with My Language Connection:

We understand the importance of marketing translations when brands need to go into international markets. Language barriers can rob your very lucrative opportunities. But poorly translated marketing content can even do you more harm. Using poorly translated marketing content can cause you to lose your audience instantly. Brand messages could be distorted, and you could lose your brand tone during the translation process.

As a certified translation agency, we work with expert marketing translators to convert your original marketing texts into more than 250 different languages around the world. Our aim as a marketing translations company is to make your entry into any new market seamless and effective, using our marketing translation expertise. Other services include marketing localisation and advertising translations in any target language we cover.

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Digital Marketing Translation for Improved Global SEO

Digital marketing is the rave of the moment; it has been for a few years now and will undoubtedly remain so for many more years to come. Going global requires serious consideration for Global SEO. While developing marketing content that promotes a consistent brand voice internationally, you also want to make sure that you are visible to people who need your services in the countries you are expanding into. With a full range of keyword research, we ensure that your translated marketing content has relevant keywords and phrases to help you rank high on major search engine results in the target languages.

What are Marketing Translation Services?

Marketing translation services refer to professional services specialised in translating different marketing materials for a different local audience or a global audience. A typical marketing translation project involves translating content like a marketing message, press releases, website copy, advertising campaigns, social media posts, etc, to the language of native speakers while retaining the meaning of the original content in the translated text.

This is a strategy that has been used by brands targeting international customers. A significant number of the international audience that might want to do business with you or patronise your brand may not understand your language. In fact, going into foreign markets is hardly ever possible with just one language. You need marketing translation services to take on the global marketplace.

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bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Is Multilingual Marketing Translation Services the Same as Marketing Translation Services?

Multilingual marketing translations also entail translating marketing and advertising materials into the native language of your target audience. For every marketing campaign, optimising for the target audience focusing on local culture is always an effective way to communicate your marketing and brand messages.

To avoid errors and embarrassing mistakes, it is best to work with a professional translation agency versed in your industry technicalities and has an in-depth understanding of multilingual transcreations services and marketing translations.

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Multilingual SEO

When taking your brand internationally, another critical area you need to pay attention to is SEO. Apart from offering you professional transcreation services, we typically work with the marketing departments to ensure that the translated content does not only capture the cultural nuances of the target audience but is also optimised for search engines to crawl.

Your global campaigns must integrate multilingual SEO if you’re hoping to reach people speaking different languages. This makes it possible for users in different parts of the world to find your business easily. Ideally, the marketing translation results should reflect in the ability of people to find your business online using multiple languages. This is called multilingual search engine optimisation (SEO). The aim is to optimise your website to be visible on all relevant searches by using the right keywords, among other tactics.

At My Language Connection, we do not just simply translate; we combine our top-quality multilingual SEO and creative writing skills to ensure your international marketing content is optimised for global markets.

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What Marketing Content Do You Translate?

At My language Connection, we handle a wide range of marketing translation projects, ranging from business communications, press releases, ebooks, white papers, legal documents, social media content, product brochures, advertising copy, newsletter, banner advertising, website copies, and many other marketing materials. Our expert marketing translators have helped to manage the full spectrum of marketing collateral for firms in different niches.

We also offer custom marketing translation services to help you cover specific areas of your business that are not already listed on our services. For instance, we offer services like infographic design and custom image creation, especially where graphic design is required.

Bio tech translation agency. My language connection
bio tech translation specialist sitting at desk in My Language Connection Office.

Does My Business Need Marketing Transition Services?

Before going into any international market, it’s important you have professional assistance beyond just an internal resource. One of these is a multilingual translation service, the nature of which typically depends on where your product launches are being offered. You may need standard translation for your advertising or website copy, or you may need to translate your press release into the language of your internal audience.

So, yes, at such times, your business could really use reliable marketing translation services. The good news is that we’ve got you covered. My Language Connection offers specialised translation services for all marketing purposes.

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